2019 – the second in history in terms of completed roads

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The General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways (GDDKiA) summarised the past year. It finished with 80 tasks for the construction of over 960 km of roads and 30 tasks at the tender stage. In 2019, it made 460 km of new routes available to traffic, thus recording the second best result in its history.

A record year

In 2019. GDDKiA provided drivers with over 460 km of new roads, including, among others, four sections of the A1 motorway, five sections of the S17 and S5 expressways, and seven sections of the S6 road. This is the second result in history after the record year 2012, when over 600 km of new roads were opened.

Last year, in November, we also managed to cross the magic barrier of 4,000 km of used express roads in Poland. As of 31 December 2019, this number increased to 4,121.3 km, including 1,696.2 km of motorways and 2,425.1 km of expressways.

In addition, in 2019 The Directorate signed 9 contracts for the construction of nearly 161 km and announced 34 tender procedures for tasks with a total length of over 480 km.

8 ring roads

The development of the road network is not only highways and expressways. The strategic element of improving the comfort and safety of travelling in Poland is also the construction of ring roads. Since January 2019, eight ring roads have been put into operation under the PBDK 2014-2023, with a total length of over 65 km.

These are: the Szczecinek bypass (S11), Suwalki (S61), Bolkow (DK3/DK5), Gora Kalwaria (DK50/DK79), Olsztyn (S51), Skawina (DK44), Myslina (DK46), and the Inowrocław bypass link (DK25). The Czestochowa bypass within the A1 motorway should also be remembered.

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