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€215m for Baltic Pipe from the EU

Gaz-System, on 15 April this year in Brussels, signed a contract with the EU Executive Agency for Innovation and Networking (INEA) for co-financing construction works for the Baltic Pipe gas pipeline, the company said. The ceremony of signing the contract for financial support, whose maximum amount will amount to nearly €215m, was attended by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and President of Gaz-System, Tomasz Stepien. The subsidy will be allocated for the construction of a submarine gas pipeline connecting the transmission systems of Poland and Denmark, as well as for the development and modernisation of the national natural gas transmission system.

According to Tomasz Stepien, from the point of view of our country, the gas interconnection between Denmark and Poland has a strategic dimension, as it is necessary to diversify supplies. Moreover, it is also a project that benefits the entire EU, as it is committed to increasing trade and increasing the competitiveness of the gas market in Europe.

The draft amendment to the Construction Law also introduces changes to the scope of obtaining derogations from technical and construction regulations. According to the new regulations, the architectural and construction administration body will be able to decide on the consent or refusal on its own. Currently, it is necessary to apply for authorisation to the minister. This should affect the speed of issuing decisions – currently it takes from one and a half to two months.

There will also be fewer formalities to obtain a building permit. The number of required projects – annexes to the application for a building permit – will decrease from four to three. The application for the building permit will be accompanied by three copies of the plot or land development design or the architectural and construction design. The technical design will not be attached to the application for the building permit.

The signing of the agreement is an implementation of the decision of the European Union Member States on granting financial support for the Baltic Pipe programme from the Connecting Europe Facility, taken on 23 January this year. (Connecting Europe Facility – CEF), of which we informed at the time.

Until now, the investment has been supported by the European Union during the design phase from 2017 to 2018 with a maximum amount of approximately €51.45m and in 2015 with a maximum amount of €400,000 for the feasibility study. In total, the project has already received a maximum of €266.8m in support.

Baltic Pipe is a strategic infrastructure investment consisting in the implementation of a new gas supply corridor on the European market. Since October 2022, it will enable the annual import of 10 billion m3 of natural gas from deposits located in Norway to the markets in Denmark and Poland, as well as to consumers in neighbouring countries.

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