Aldesa will equip 133 railway stations for over PLN 181m

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Today (13 January 2019), PKP PLK signed a contract for over PLN 181m net with the Aldesa consortium for the design, delivery and installation of elements of dynamic passenger information and monitoring system. The works will be carried out at 133 stations and railway stops in six voivodships.

Safe and with full information

Thanks to the investment, passengers will be able to benefit from additional timetable information, through a new dynamic travel information system. Displays, info kiosks and a new sound system will also make daily travel easier and monitoring will increase safety.

The Central Dynamic Passenger Information System (CSDIP) ensures that each display and public address system is instantly communicated to the public through a new independent network. The system is already operating in Zielona Gora or on the Warsaw ring line, among others.

The new application in the monitoring system, in turn, will enable the station to be observed around the clock, detect traffic and immediately react to the operator in case of an emergency. Every intrusion into the tracks or passing through them in an unauthorised place will be recorded by the system and passed on to the railway security officers.

E 20 and E 30

As part of the investment, works will be carried out at 133 stations and stops in six voivodships (Lubuskie, Wielkopolskie, Lodzkie, Mazowieckie, Lubelskie and Dolnoslaskie) on line E 20 Rzepin – Poznan – Konin – Warszawa – Terespol and line E 30 Zgorzelec – Wroclaw.

The contract worth over PLN 181m will be performed by a consortium of companies in the composition: Aldesa Construcciones Polska Sp. z o.o. (Leader), Aldesa Construcciones S.A. (Partner) and Aeronacal de Construcciones e Instalaciones S.A. (ACISA) (Partner). The project is co-financed by the EU Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment.

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