Almost one million new flats have been built in Poland since 2010

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The total number of houses and flats in Poland, compared to 2010, increased by approx. 970 000. However, in the first four months of 2019, nearly 64 000 flats were completed.

970 000 new flats

In comparison with 2010, the number of flats and houses in Poland increased by ca. 970 000, the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology announced. Over 650 000 new flats have been built in the cities and almost 320 000 new flats have been built in the rural areas. The housing stock in both cities and villages increased by 7.2% in that period.

At the end of 2017, there were approximately 14.5m flats and houses with a total usable area of over 1bn m2 in Poland. Urban areas account for 9.7m flats (67%) with a total area of 628.9m m2 , while rural areas have nearly 4.7m flats with a total area of 439.6m m2.

Polish flats getting bigger and bigger

The average size of a flat or a house in Poland increased by 1.7 m2 in 2010-2017 and amounted to 74 m2. The average area of a flat per person increased by 2.5 m2, reaching almost 28 m2. Apartment in the countryside has an average of 93.5 m2, while that in the city is an average of 28.9 m2 smaller.

On average, there are 2.37 people per one flat or house in the city, whereas in the country there are 3.26 people. The average for the whole Poland is 2.66.

Increase in the number of dwellings completed in April

The Central Statistics Office (GUS) announced that the number of homes delivered in April 2019 increased 19.3% when compared to the same month of 2018, and it stood at 16,540 units, according to preliminary results. 63,921 housing units were delivered in January-April 2019, up by 9.3% from the corresponding period of 2018.

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