Another cancelled tender in Nowy Sacz

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The tender for the revitalization of the Strzelecki Park in Nowy Sacz has been cancelled today due to too high offers. This is another procedure for a large public investment in this city, which has recently been unsuccessfully resolved. In the tender announced in September last year, five offers were submitted. The most expensive one belonged to SKB from Warsaw, which offered a comprehensive revitalization for 93.19m PLN gross, and the cheapest one to a consortium of Apis Polska (leader) and PPUK Stalbud, which was ready to implement the task for 69.77m PLN gross.

Meanwhile, the contracting authority intended to allocate “only” PLN 50.94m for the investment, which means that it would have to find an additional PLN 19m in its budget. The city authorities have already announced that the revitalization project will be modified to some extent, so that the next proceedings will be decisive. The main element of the investment will be a new roofed amphitheatre, with an auditorium that can accommodate 4 thousand people and a stage with an area of nearly 300 m2. The project also provides for the construction of an outdoor gym, a complex of tennis courts or a garden for children and seniors. Revitalization of the Park Strzelecki is another large urban investment in Nowy Sacz in recent months, which turned out to be strongly underestimated.

A year earlier the tender for the design and construction of the Municipal Stadium was cancelled for the same reason. At that time, the cheapest offer exceeded the budget set at PLN 50m gross by about PLN 10m. As a result, the City decided to announce another tender for the design works themselves, and to postpone the construction in time for the next years. The plague of too high offers exceeding budgets today concerns both the largest infrastructural investments and smaller ones carried out by local governments. They are caused by constantly increasing prices of building materials, difficulties with transport and lack of available workforce. This situation accumulates problems not only for the contracting authorities, but also for the construction companies.

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