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Toto Construzioni Generali has cancelled the contract for the construction of the S5 expressway between Poznan and Wronczyn. GDDKiA calls on the contractor to return to the construction site.

Section S5 Poznan-Wronczyn

The contract for the construction of the section between the Gluchowo junction at the A2 motorway and Wronczyn was signed on 30 July 2015. The contract covers the construction of about 16 km of an expressway with two lanes in both directions. The scope of works also includes the construction of three road nodes: Konarzewo, Steszew and Mosina and two passenger service points. The gross value of the contract amounts to almost PLN 530m.

The investment was to be completed in 2017, but the deadline has already been postponed several times. At the end of 2018, a single carriageway was made available by the contractor, making it possible to drive one lane in each direction. The section was to be commissioned for use before the end of June this year.

In March 2019, Toto Costruzioni received a contractual penalty of PLN 20m from GDDKiA. This was a penalty for the company’s failure to meet the contractual deadlines for the construction of the S5 road.

GDDKiA calls on the company to return to the construction site

The General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways (GDDKiA) called on the contractor to return to the construction site and to resume work. According to the road investor, the letter terminating the agreement is unfounded and unjustified.

GDDKiA announces that if the work is not resumed, it will immediately take the actions foreseen in such situations in the contract.

There may be delays in construction

In April this year, the GDDKiA withdrew from agreements with Salini concerning two contracts. The agreements included the construction of the S3 expressway near Polkowice and the Czestochowa ring road along the A1 motorway. The Contractor did not perform the contracts in accordance with the concluded agreements, did not meet the deadlines and did not pay subcontractors, service providers and suppliers of materials.

In May, GDDKiA decided to withdraw from two contracts signed with Rubau Polska. They concerned the construction of sections of express roads, S7 on the section Warszawa Lotnisko-Lesznowola and S61 on the section Podborze-Sniadowo. The decision to withdraw was made due to the contractor’s failure to fully comply with the obligations to perform the works included in the contract and lack of negotiations to improve.

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