Another stage of construction of Oławska Gate in Wrocław has been completed

Brama Oławska

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Brama Oławska is an office building under construction in Wrocław, whose investor is Tower Inwestycje (a company from PZU Group) and the contractor is Warbud. The commercialisation of the building is handled by CBRE company. Construction works started on 24 February 2020 and are progressing according to schedule. At the turn of May and June this year, the shell of the office building was completed. The completion of the whole investment is planned for the second quarter of 2022.

The building is being erected on a plot located in the very centre of Wrocław, on which the PZU office building designed by Ryszard Natusiewicz has stood since 1970.

– When we made the decision to construct the new building, we were concerned above all with the lowest possible impact on the environment. This is reflected both in the technical solutions used, but also in the design of the space for cyclists. The architecture of the building, which is being erected on a plot in Oławska Street, will combine elements of modernity and tradition, at the same time referring to the nearby buildings. We have taken care to make it a good place to work in every respect – said Wojciech Dębski, CEO of Tower Inwestycje.

The building is currently in the open shell state. At this stage, the building already has reinforced concrete load-bearing walls, staircases, terraces and ceilings. The works are progressing according to the schedule, which is extremely important because almost all works were and are conducted during the pandemic and sanitary regimes. The investment is planned to be completed in the second quarter of 2022.

Brama Oławska will consist of seven above-ground storeys and three underground storeys with more than 140 parking spaces. The total gross leasable area will be about 14 thousand square metres.

The office building will close and tidy up the last section of Oławska and Piotra Skargi streets. The pavement will be widened, and arcades, which will be created along the entire length of the front elevation, will significantly increase the comfort of people waiting at the nearby bus stop.

Ecology and comfort for future tenants

The investor of the project, Tower Inwestycje company, makes sure that Brama Oławska is a place friendly both to future employees and the environment, which perfectly fits in with the whole PZU Group strategy. The office premises will be equipped with, among others, triple-glazed selective window sets, tilt windows increasing working comfort, acoustic suspended ceilings and energy-saving LED lighting. In addition, the building will meet a number of requirements of the British BREEAM certification system (BRE Environmental Assessment Method), which is currently one of the most widely used methods of assessing buildings in terms of their environmental performance in Europe. Its purpose is to set new standards in construction, which in turn allows for great achievements in terms of environmental protection, comfort of use and building efficiency. Brama Oławska will be certified at the “Excellent” level.

The PZU Group conducts its investment activities with respect for the principles of sustainable development. It supports the energy transformation of the Polish economy. It invests in climate-friendly products and sectors and will systematically increase the share of sustainable and green investments and funds.

– Despite the 2020 pandemic, the office market in Wrocław has grown by 58.4 thousand sq m and there are still many buildings under construction. Tenants are looking for modern work spaces, such as the office building developed by Tower Inwestycje. It is a fully modern and ecological building, which will ensure the highest comfort of work. We are glad that we can participate in this project with exclusive rights for its commercialisation. I am convinced that the facility will quickly gain new tenants – said Paweł Boczar, head of CBRE’s Wrocław office.

Source: CBRE

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