Are greener and more energy efficient housing estates now being built?

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What solutions are developers introducing in new housing developments in terms of health protection, ecology and energy efficiency? Will the designed housing estates be more comfortable and safe? The poll was conducted by the real estate website 

Andrzej Oślizło, president of Develia

In the currently implemented investments Prestovia House in Warsaw and Ceglana Park in Katowice there will be charging stations for electric cars. Additionally, we have planned brine graduation towers in selected projects. More and more clients pay attention to ecological aspects. They appreciate the recreational space around their estate, which is why we place great emphasis on arranging greenery. We also introduce solutions for storing rainwater. A good example is the Ceglana Park project in Katowice, where more than half of the investment area is covered with greenery and recreational zones.

Artur Łeszczyński, Business Development Manager at Skanska Residential Company

In 2021 we are consistently planning to introduce green solutions, which we have been using and popularizing on our estates for years in order to care for the environment. Thanks to that we are aiming at reaching the Climate Goal, common for us as all companies within the Skanska Group. The goal is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 50 percent by 2030 and to achieve carbon neutrality in 2045. We conduct our business activities in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.

We intend to pursue further environmental certification under the BREEAM system. We plan to increase the levels of certification achieved to date. It will be important for us to use in new projects, among other things, photovoltaic panels, smart home solutions focusing on energy and water saving, anti-smog ventilators equipped with filters which stop dust and allergens, triple-glazed windows which help to maintain proper temperature inside the buildings, reducing energy consumption during the heating season, and large glazing which allows the residents to stay in close contact with nature.

Zbigniew Juroszek, CEO of Atal  

When making a decision to buy a flat, customers more often than a few years ago take into account the use of ecological and energy-efficient solutions. What is also important for them are amenities that increase comfort and improve safety. We attach great importance to innovation, the use of modern materials and technological solutions. The new standards we implement in the construction of residential estates translate into functionality and energy efficiency of premises. Customers appreciate sustainable construction and optimisations that make their lives easier in a tangible way. These include technologies that increase the energy efficiency of buildings, intuitive and energy-saving lighting systems, and systems that increase safety and comfort. We also equip investments with solutions that make it easier for future residents to behave in an environmentally friendly manner. An example of such amenities are the electric car charging stations available at parking spaces in selected investments.

Małgorzata Ostrowska, Director of Marketing and Sales Division in J.W. Construction Holding S.A.

From 2021, a regulation obliges developers to introduce modifications aimed at reducing the energy demand of buildings, which is related to the European directive. Our company has been following energy-saving trends for years, which is reflected by the solutions applied in the investments implemented so far, e.g. in the Bliska Wola housing estate in Warsaw and the Hanza Tower skyscraper in Szczecin.

We also started production of energy-saving houses in wood prefabrication technology based on our own factory of ecological prefabricated elements in Tłuszcz. They are practically energy passive. Only 22 kWh/sqm/year are needed to heat the house and the necessary water and ventilation. After using photovoltaic panels, surplus electricity can be sold. The houses cost the same as traditional houses.

In addition to ecological equipment, we used mechanical ventilation with recuperation, so that regardless of the weather conditions, residents can breathe filtered air. We are building them in the Villa Campina housing estate near the Kampinos Forest in Warsaw, where we will ultimately build 175 luxury eco-friendly and energy-efficient houses called Wiktoria. This year, we are launching the sale of “take-away” houses, which means that customers will be able to build them on their land. The assembly of such a house takes just three weeks regardless of weather conditions.

Cezary Grabowski, Sales and Marketing Director of Bouygues Immobilier Polska

Our goal is to create spaces where people live better. The road to achieving this goal leads through the principles of sustainable construction, whose importance we understand. By building housing estates in accordance with these principles, we introduce well-being elements which contribute to the improvement of the inhabitants’ health, both their physical and mental condition. For example, in the Vitalité project, which we are finishing in Wilanów in Warsaw, there will be a gym with a fan zone and a SPA with a sauna and a jacuzzi. Outside there will be a multifunctional playground and picnic tables in the recreation zone. An example from Poznań is Soleil de Malta, a project under construction, where we will create, among other things, a beach volleyball court. In turn, part of the Le Vert investment, planned in Wrocław, will be a green relaxation zone with deckchairs and benches among the greenery.

Bartosz Kuźniar, President of the Management Board of Lokum Deweloper S.A.

Our strategy is based on building complex investments with lots of greenery. The improvement of the quality of life in and around our estates should also take place through the fight against smog. Designing investments with retail and service premises on them in areas with well-developed public transport, in good locations, contributes to limiting the problem of urban sprawl and reducing road traffic, and thus reducing CO2 emissions and other compounds. We pay attention to ensure that future residents have the easiest possible access to public transport and train stops. We want to enable them to conveniently choose alternative means of transport such as bicycles or scooters. We are planning charging points for electric cars on our estates. In addition, we always take into account the possibility of connecting to the municipal heating network when choosing an investment location.

Joanna Chojecka, Sales and Marketing Director for Warsaw and Wrocław at Robyg SA.

We provide the residents of our estates with numerous innovative technological solutions which support ecology and make it possible to reduce the costs of flat operation.

All estates have perfectly designed low and high greenery to reduce the impact of solar radiation and overheating of the environment. We have introduced water retention through the root system and foliage. In addition, climbing plants on external walls are an additional production of oxygen and absorption of CO2.

The inverted roofs of the buildings with gravel surfaces allow for water retention and reduce overheating. LED lighting in common areas of the buildings reduces electricity consumption.

Full fibre optic installation, photovoltaic panels, electrically operated external blinds and a monitoring system are available on the estates, significantly increasing safety.

All our estates also have a photovoltaic installation which generates electricity used for the common areas of the building.

As a standard, all flats are equipped with modern Smart House technology, allowing for remote control of home electronics, heating and security systems. Customers do not have to pay additional fees for this.

Wiktor Wilczyński, Board Representative for Construction at Wawel Service

Our technical teams are constantly looking for new solutions while creating new investments. Certain groups of solutions have already been implemented, e.g. partitions, i.e. walls and flat roofs have higher thermal insulation values, proper ventilation systems for flats, which makes them hygrostered, thanks to which heat does not escape excessively from flats. We use very tight windows with low emissions, and we also take care to optimise the technical and material aspects of the buildings, reducing their material consumption.

Sebastian Barandziak, CEO of Dekpol Deweloper

We take great care to protect health and use modern technologies. Our main goal is to reduce the consumption of greenhouse gases, use building materials from reliable and certified sources and reduce emissions. We also strive to consciously and rationally reduce our carbon footprint. One of the implemented solutions, e.g. within the prepared and implemented projects Neo Jasień, Baltic Porto, Lazur Park, Baltic Line, is rainwater management through small retention systems. Species of vegetation, min. hydrophytes, being an integral part of the system are an ornament and at the same time an indispensable element purifying and draining water back to nature.

In the Foresta and Young Morena Park II investments we designed green terraces on the top floors of the buildings with the latest rainwater management technologies. The terraces, by increasing the biologically active area, connect the body of the building with the natural bioactive surroundings, thus becoming part of the landscape of the adjacent greenery.

We take care to maintain the maximum number of trees in the implemented investments, together with an appropriate selection of additional planting. We use materials with adequate acoustic insulation, as well as those eliminating biological contamination through elevation coatings, and in the near future – technologies limiting electromagnetic smog.

For example, in the investments Foresta, Nowe Rokitki V and VI, Młoda Morena Park II we used intelligent systems that control the devices responsible for the comfort of using the premises. We also commonly use LED lighting with motion sensors.

Zuzanna Należyta, Commercial Director at Eco Classic

In all of our investments we place particular emphasis on using materials of the highest quality with appropriate certificates, for example, windows that guarantee thermal energy savings and acoustic insulation. It is also important for us to provide the residents with as many green areas, trees and places to relax as possible.

We also design bicycle repair stations, bicycle parking spaces and open-air gyms. In the Warsaw investment Przy Arsenale we have also designed a water treatment station, ensuring better quality of water for household appliances.

Tomasz Czubak, Director of Development Projects Preparation in Jakon

According to the new technical conditions, our projects are more and more energy-efficient. The parameters of insulation, windows and partitions are getting better and better, thanks to which they provide the residents with considerable savings at the stage of operation.

More and more often we use green roofs, which ensure water retention and thermal comfort for the residents. In our investments chargers for electric cars are installed, which significantly reduces exhaust gas emissions.

In the Ellada Park investment, we are planning, in cooperation with the Board of Urban Greenery, to use green-blue areas which will manage rainwater in a natural, resident-friendly way. This will minimize the amount of rainwater in the city’s stormwater drainage system and limit the effect of stepping on the land.

Monika Perekitko, Member of Matexi Polska Management Board

We analyse each project separately in terms of the usefulness of solutions for the target group. We have set ourselves the goal of introducing solutions in five areas: eco-mobility, energy efficiency, management and recovery of water in buildings. At the same time, we want to support ecosystem diversity, recycling and the circular economy.

One of the interesting examples of our new green strategy is the investment in Rogalskiego Street in Krakow, where our first rainwater recycling system and an electric car charging station are under construction.

Mariola Żak, Sales and Marketing Director of Aurec Home

Our estates will be equipped with intelligent technologies and modern ecological solutions. We have planned solar benches and resting platforms on the green area of the Miasteczko Jutrzenki
and resting platforms, and photovoltaic panels on the roofs, allowing for electricity saving.

We are offering future residents numerous amenities. One of the commercial premises will be adapted into a gym accessible to residents, and additional exercise equipment will be placed in the open air in the form of an outdoor gym.

Residents will also be able to pursue their gardening passions. There will be greenhouses on the patio, where it will be possible to grow flowers, herbs and vegetables. In the common spaces, among the lush vegetation, rich in melliferous flowers
and insect-friendly shrubs, the residents will be able to relax by the fountains and pond. The youngest children will have at their disposal traditional and water playgrounds, designed in safe places for them.

Responding to the growing demand of people who choose ecological cars, we have also prepared a parking space with a charger for electric cars.

Moreover, we use environmentally friendly building materials in our estates.

Janusz Miller, Sales and Marketing Director of Home Invest

In the case of investments which are at the design stage, we are considering the introduction of solutions which could affect the energy and low-emission performance of the buildings. We would like to apply, for example, photovoltaic panels, heat pumps, air filters or smart systems which will help save energy and have a positive impact on health and the environment.

Marcin Żurek, Nickel Development’s Investment Implementation Director

We have been taking care of the environment for years, gradually introducing technological improvements which have a positive impact on the surroundings. We design buildings in such a way as to minimise the negative effects of external impacts, while not causing degradation of the natural environment. Theoretical foundations of construction, including building physics, allow us to properly shape thermal insulation structures of the building, create moisture protection and take care of the desired microclimate of the building. In the case of smaller investments in particular, we are moving in the direction of energy efficiency and renewable sources. The next step will certainly be passive construction, although today’s economic calculation puts it slightly further into the future.

Meanwhile, when designing new investments, we try to avoid architectural barriers, taking advantage of the natural lie of the land, we do not erect high, unfriendly fences. We design investments with the surrounding flora and fauna in mind, respecting the existing nature, for example by building houses for swifts.

Agata Zambrzycka, Sales and Marketing Director at Aria Development

As a developer with aspirations and ambitions, we want to contribute to a sustainable and clean environment. Improving the quality of the environment by limiting and reducing energy consumption in buildings and increasing energy production from renewable sources are aspects that particularly interest us. We were one of the first developers in Poland to introduce a comprehensive programme of intelligent and energy-efficient solutions in our future and current projects, Osiedle Łomianki and Natura in Wieliszew. The first link in the Aria Eco Smart package is the installation of photovoltaic panels on the roofs of realized buildings. Green electricity allows to reduce the cost of electricity consumption of common parts by several dozen percent. The second element of the package is the smart home system, where residents from anywhere in the world, from their smartphone or computer, can control lighting, adjust temperature, manage alarm system and other functions that affect the comfort of use of the flat.

Sylwester Śniadecki, President of the Management Board of Śniadecki Development and Śniadecki Investment Group

In all our projects we use all solutions that enable our settlements to meet the requirements in terms of ecological solutions. In addition, our first investment in Lower Silesia – Osiedle Parkowe Kuklice, located 8 km from the borders of Wrocław, will be equipped with, among others, heat pumps.


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