Are the apartments with gardens and terraces more sought after now?

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Are buyers today more interested in apartments with gardens and large terraces? In which investments can we find them? How much do they cost? The survey was conducted by real estate service.

Mirosław Kujawski, Board Member of Develia S.A. 

Flats with gardens and especially terraces have always been very popular among customers. In each of our projects, ground floor flats have gardens, the area of which exceeds even 200 sqm.

In some of our projects, such as Mała Praga, Mały Grochów, Osiedle na Woli in Warsaw, Między Parkami, Nowa Racławicka in Wrocław, or Lighthouse Keepers in Gdańsk, we have provided flats with terraces, which reach up to 100 square metres. Prices of flats with gardens start from about 300 thousand PLN.

Joanna Chojecka, Sales and Marketing Director at Robyg SA.

Indeed, we are currently observing a greater interest in flats with gardens. We have such proposals in every investment on the ground floors of buildings. Their prices depend on the city and location.

Edyta Kołodziej, Sales and Marketing Director at Nickel Development

Increased interest in apartments with gardens and large terraces is a noticeable change caused by social quarantine. Such flats are available at the Duchess of Dąbrówka Estate in Dąbrówka near Poznań. We offer flats with gardens from 50 to 85 sqm, usually with over 100 sqm of gardens, and the largest ones even have over 300 sqm. They are suburbs. In the city centre, however, we offer flats with large loggias of up to 30 sq.m in the ST_ART Piątkowo project. In a fifteen-storey building, which provides a beautiful view of Poznań from the windows and loggias, regardless of which side of the building is the apartment.

Zbigniew Juroszek, President of Atal

Properties with spacious terraces are generally sold first in most of our investments. On the other hand, units with gardens are particularly popular in housing estates located on the outskirts of cities or in a quiet district. We have not observed major changes in customer preferences in these areas.

Apartments with private gardens and spacious terraces are available in our offer in all seven agglomerations where we operate. In Krakow, for example, in the Przybyszewski 64 Apartments project, a three-room apartment of over 64 sq.m. with a 140 sq.m. garden is on sale, and in Aleja Pokoju, a four-room apartment of 111 sq.m. with two large balconies of over 27 sq.m. is available on the top floor. In the Wrocław project Nowe Miasto Jagodno, a 101-square-metre flat with a 45-square-metre balcony is on sale. The Warsaw investment Nowa Grochowska, on the other hand, offers a nearly 86-square-metre flat with a 42-square-metre terrace. Atal Bosmańska in Gdynia offers flats with gardens ranging from 8 to 213 sqm. When buying such flats, clients do not bear additional costs for the gardens belonging to them.

Eryk Nalberczyński, Sales Director at Lokum Deweloper

Flats with terraces and gardens have always been very popular and are found in all our investments. The offer is very diverse, and the gardens are assigned to flats of various sizes, also in the smaller ones, which are less than 40 square meters in size. The apartments in the cosy Lokum Villa Nova housing estate in Wrocław are an attractive offer. They include large balconies of up to 26 sq.m, as well as gardens, the largest of which are nearly 160 sq.m in size. Lokum Monte, which is being built in Sobótka, is a unique offer for those looking for an alternative to a house outside the city, from where you can get to Wrocław in 30 minutes. It has been designed as comfortable flats with spacious balconies and large gardens, and an additional advantage of the investment is the picturesque surroundings of the Ślężański Landscape Park. In the vicinity of recreational areas, Lokum Siesta, a Krakow-based investment is also being developed, located on the border of the Wilga River Park, which provides beautiful views from balconies and gardens. The estate itself is also full of greenery.

Janusz Miller, Sales and Marketing Director of Home Invest 

We have noticed that customers are increasingly asking for apartments with more rooms where they will be able to work remotely if necessary or for children learning online. The issue of space belonging to the apartments in the form of larger balconies, gardens or large terraces has also become very important for customers. We offer this type of flats in the Warszawski Świt investment in Targówek, located 800 m from the Bródno metro station under construction. In the new stage of this project it will be possible to buy an apartment with a garden of up to 140 sq m or a 64 sq m terrace. Flats with gardens can also be bought in Warsaw’s Metro Park in Bielany and Apartamenty Oszmiańska 20, which are also 300 m and 450 m away from the metro. We have also started the pre-sale of apartments at the Przy Agora 6 Apartments in Bielany in the vicinity of the Bielany Forest. This is a special project, located near green and recreational areas. You can buy there apartments with larger balconies with an average area of about 10 sq. m and gardens and terraces of about 40 sq. m.

Małgorzata Ostrowska, Member of the Management Board and Director of the Marketing and Sales Division at J.W. Construction Holding S.A.

Most clients who are looking for a safe place for themselves are always looking for flats with a terrace, a spacious balcony or a mini garden. In the 27-storey Hanza Tower in Szczecin, whose construction is currently being completed, the apartments with terraces are located on the 6th floor. The largest, 70 meters high, which was built at the special request of the client, belongs to an apartment of 37 sq. m. The smallest terraces have an area of 20 sq. m.

A fully finished and furnished two-room apartment with an area of 56 sq.m. in Apartamenty Jerozolimskie Invest is equipped with a balcony with an area of almost 13 sq.m. The apartments are located on the 6th floor. Large balconies were also designed in Stacja Centrum in Pruszków. The nearly 55-square-metre unit, for example, has a 14-square-metre balcony.

Large balconies, loggias and terraces are even on the top floors of the 27th storey skyscraper, which is being built in Warsaw’s Near Wola Tower, which is an unprecedented solution in such high buildings. Balconies in this investment range from 3 sq.m. to even 24 sq.m., loggias to 14 sq.m. and terraces from 21 to 60 sq.m. We also have units with large balconies and terraces in Osiedle Tysiąclecie in Katowice, which will be delivered this year. A three-room apartment of 64 sq.m can be bought there with a 26 sq.m terrace. We also have a 108-square-metre terraced houses with a garage on plots ranging from 340-square-metre to 530-square-metre in the luxury suburban housing estate Villa Campina in Ożarów Mazowiecki, in the vicinity of the Kampinos Forest.

Monika Perekitko, Board Member of Matexi Polska

Flats with gardens and terraces always arouse considerable interest. In recent weeks, owners of this type of flats have certainly felt much more comfortable, but we do not see a surge in enquiries for this type of flats.

Zuzanna Należyta, Sales Director at Eco Classic

Interest in buying apartments with gardens and terraces depends on location and type of investment. In projects where there is a lot of greenery and the garden overlooks a patio with, for example, a playground and trees, flats with gardens reach similar prices as flats located on the top floors. In the Przy Arsenale project in Warsaw we have an apartment with two terraces with a total area of 61 sqm.

Agata Zambrzycka, Sales and Marketing Director Aria Development

Both in the Natura Housing Estate in Wieliszew and in the Łomianki Housing Estate there are flats in gardens ranging from 13 sq.m, in the case of the smallest flats, to 19 sq.m with larger flats. In Osiedle Łomianki we offer flats with terraces ranging from 10 to 17 sq.m. and mezzanines, which can be purchased at a promotional price from PLN 3000 per sq.m. We do not add additional amounts for gardens or terraces, which have recently been in greater demand.

Sebastian Barandziak, CEO of Dekpol Developer

We definitely see an increased interest in apartments with a garden or a large terrace. As part of our offer we offer such flats in Osiedle Foresta, Młoda Morena Park II, Sol Marina, Nowe Rokitki V and VI and in Osiedle Zielone. Terraces are usually from 15 sqm. to 30 sqm., while the area of the gardens is between 15 sqm. to 100 sqm.  Average prices of flats with gardens or terraces in Osiedle Foresta range from about PLN 7700 sq.m/month. In the Młoda Morena Park II project they cost from PLN 7900 sq.m/month, in Sol Marina from approx. PLN 17,500 sq.m/month, in Osiedle Zielone from PLN 6400 sq.m/month and in the Nowe Rokitki V and VI project from PLN 5300 sq.m/month.

Aleksandra Goller, Sales and Marketing Director at the Skanska housing company

Interest in living with a garden or terrace among our customers has always been great. Due to the fact that there are not many such flats on housing estates, customers particularly appreciate this unique product.

In Skanska, apartments with spacious terraces are available at the Mickiewicza Estate and Holm House. On the latter estate we also offer gardens. Residents of Scandinavian Park and Jaśminowy Mokotow can also enjoy their private piece of greenery. We notice the greatest interest in intimate gardens, located on the inside of the estate.

We design in such a way that the balconies are a natural extension of the apartment and space that can be freely arranged. The size of flats with a balcony or garden is fully dependent on the individual project.

In the common areas of housing estates we arrange green recreational spaces with small architecture and preserved old trees in projects where there were such trees. We also plant new trees and select plants in such a way as to preserve the natural ecosystem of the area. At the Mickiewicza Housing Estate, a public park with an area of over 3.5 thousand square metres is also being built, which will be enjoyed by residents.


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