Arkadiusz Arciszewski in the Management Board of Trakcja PRKiI

Arkadiusz Arciszewski Trakcja PRKiI

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The Supervisory Board of Trakcja PRKiI, on 10 October this year, appointed Arkadiusz Arciszewski to the position of Vice-President of the Management Board, associated with the company since December last year, who will be responsible in the company for the technical department. Thus, the company’s management board is currently composed of four members.

Extensive experience

Arkadiusz Arciszewski is a graduate of the Kielce University of Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering, specializing in Road and Bridge Construction. He has over 15 years of experience in the industry, both on the side of the general contractor and the investor. In his career he worked for such companies as Strabag, Polaqua, Budimex or PKP PLK, where he held the position of deputy director of the Investment Execution Centre.

He has been associated with Trakcja since December 2018, when he started working in the company as a director of the road and bridge division. In August this year, he became operational director responsible for the production division.

In his rich professional career he was responsible for a number of key infrastructure investments in Poland, such as modernization of the E 65 railway line, construction of the S7 expressway between Lubien and Naprawa, or construction of the northern bridge route in Warsaw.

The current composition of the company’s management board is completed: Marcin Lewandowski, President of the Management Board and Vice Presidents Paweł Nogalski and Aldas Rusevicius. Marek Kacprzak and Maciej Sobczyk left the executive body of Trakcja on 30 September 2019.

Risk calculated in the offers

On the day of his nomination for the position of Vice-President of Trakcja, Arkadiusz Arciszewski took part in a panel discussion devoted to the areas of the greatest potential and risks in the civil engineering sector during the 4th Forum Building sector in Poland 2020 organized by PMR. In his speech, he pointed out that in his opinion, during the cooperation with GDDKiA and PKP PLK, risks are still too much transferred to the contractor. The need to include them in the offers means that investor’s cost estimates are often exceeded.

The new vice-president of Trakcja stressed that as a production director, he paid special attention to his co-workers so that they could avoid claims in financial matters, as this would immediately put the dispute on the court’s path. It is important to develop such a mechanism that will save the work of judges and help to conduct a dialogue aimed at resolving the conflict in a quick and effective way. Valorisation issues are also very important, but we should look at the situation more broadly, because not only valorisation is currently a problem, Arkadiusz Arciszewski pointed out.

Trakcja PRKiI in the first half of 2019 recorded a consolidated net loss of PLN 35.75m attributable to the shareholders of the parent company and PLN 655.42m of consolidated sales revenue.

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