Atal: transfer from the Management Board to the Supervisory Board

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Mateusz Juroszek, Vice President of Atal, decided to resign from his position and at the same time became one of the candidates for a new member of the developer’s Supervisory Board. The changes are dictated by the plans of Mateusz Juroszek related to other business activities from the investment portfolio of his family.

The largest bookmaking company in Poland

Mateusz Juroszek is a graduate of the Faculty of Strategic Management at the Kozminski University in Warsaw, where he graduated from the Faculty of Management and Marketing with a specialization in strategic management. Since 2012, he has been the President of the Board of the largest bookmaking company in Poland, with over 47% market share – Star-Typ Sport Zaklady Wzajemne (STS). Over the last 6 years, the company has increased its revenues more than tenfold to PLN 2.41bn in 2018. Mateusz Juroszek is also one of the strategic investors in yestersen.

Record after record

In the first half of 2019 Atal contracted to sell 1,616 units (up by 26.3% y/y), which is the highest result in the company’s history in the six months ahead. In Q2 alone, the company sold 904 units, which is also a record in quarter. What is more, the monthly sales record of the developer also comes from this year (348 contracts in April).

Warsaw is where Atal sold the most homes in H1 2019 (387), followed by Wroclaw (270), Lodz (254), and Krakow (237). Atal expects demand for homes to remain at a high level. It anticipates that its full-year sales will come in at around 2,800 units.

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