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ATAL, a nationwide developer, delivered 1639 units in the first half of 2021, an increase of over 32% year-on-year (1240). Most units were delivered in Warsaw (485), Łódź (282) and Poznań (254). In the period from January to June this year. In the period from January to June this year, ATAL contracted 2044 units – the best six-month result in the company’s history. 

Record-breaking six months, record-breaking April

In individual months of 2021, the company contracted the following number of active development and preliminary agreements: January – 211, February – 236, March – 400, April – 413, May – 382, June – 402. The result of April this year is a monthly sales record for the company.

4 thousand handovers

The handover potential for this year is up to 4 thousand flats. This year’s sales are estimated at about 4,000 units. The sales results in the first half of the year are a record in the history of the company. After 6 months of this year we exceeded the ceiling of 2000 contracted units. The indicators achieved in H1 2021 confirm that ATAL is in very good shape and effectively responds to current market trends. In the coming reporting periods, we should record similar levels of key operational indicators – says Zbigniew Juroszek, President of ATAL S.A.

Increase by 55%

In the first quarter of 2021 ATAL generated consolidated revenues of as much as 287.37 million PLN. This is a result by 55% higher than a year ago. In this reporting period, the net result attributable to shareholders of the parent company amounted to 48.50 million PLN – an increase of 117% y-o-y. Gross margin on sales from January to March was 22.8%. The net margin was 16.9%.

Solid land bank

In Q1 2021, ATAL acquired 2 new investment properties in Katowice and Poznań. The total cost of purchasing the new land is about 52 million PLN, which translates into 1 sqm. The total cost of purchasing new land is about 52 million PLN, in terms of 1 sq.m. of PUM it is 648 PLN, which confirms the implementation of a rational policy of purchasing land for investments. The purchased land will allow for the development of 80 thousand sqm. PUM. The current land bank held by the company covers over one million sq.m. of UFA, which fully secures the construction of 80 thousand sq.m. of UFA. PUM, which fully secures the company’s investment plans for the coming years.

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