ATMs and parcel machines without a building permit

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The Standing Committee of the Council of Ministers (SKRM) adopted a package of so-called free changes in the construction law, which was prepared by the Ministry of Investment and Development. As a result, absurdities such as the need to obtain a building permit for the installation of ATMs, parcel machines or other small devices for performing services will disappear.

No more absurdity

All small vending machines, such as ticket machines, ATMs, payment machines, parcel machines or other machines used to perform various types of services, the height of which will not exceed 3 m, will be directly exempted from the need to obtain a building permit and notification.

The amendment also provides for an end to the need to obtain a building permit, inter alia, for gas installations outside or inside an already occupied building or even for a terraced home terrace. For example, water reclamation facilities will be exempt from the notification requirement.

Five years to challenge the decision

The bill also introduces a five-year deadline for the annulment of the building permit issued and the decision on the occupancy permit. Until now, these documents could be declared invalid many years after the building was constructed and used, resulting in legal uncertainty. The new regulations will make the decision permanently unchallengeable after five years from the date of its delivery or announcement.

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