Baltic Pipe: all contracts with building companies already signed


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The selection of contractors to the Baltic Pipe project has been finished. The completeness of all the decisions, contracts with executors and all the necessary decisions is  confirmed. Despite the ongoing pandemic, assurances have been made, that the project will be finished in line with the schedule . According to the plan, Poland will receive gas from Norway in October 2022.

The organization of construction sites is now underway for the offshore part of the project, which includes the construction of the offshore gas pipeline and its exits to the Polish and Danish coasts. Preparation of the building facilities are already in progress, as well as delineation of the investment boundaries, and inspection of the equipment.
With regard to the investors’ deliveries, over 85% of pipes necessary to construct the pipeline on the Baltic seabed have been already produced. The construction of the offshore tunnels is planned to start in spring 2021 in both Poland and Denmark, while the laying of the offshore gas pipeline will follow in summer.

The contractors of the compressor station and the gas pipeline signed all contracts with Gaz-System, regarding the surface part of the Baltic Pipe project.

The first fieldworks are underway, i.a. geodetic delineation of boundaries and routes of the assembly lanes. The initial deliveries of the DN 1,000-type pipes, which will form the surface section of the gas pipeline started in November. In the same month, the company was informed about the assemblage of the compressors ordered to be installed in the Baltic Pipe compressor station, and factory testing of their quality and safety. The compressors will reach Poland in December of the current year.


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