Billions to renovate buildings from prefabricated concrete slabs

Budynek z wielkiej płyty

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The Ministry of Investment and Development (MIiR) informed that on 28 May this year a draft amendment to the Act on Support for Thermal Modernisation was submitted for consultation. It assumes, among other things, multi-billion-dollar financial support for the renovation of prefabricated buildings.

Anchor connection reinforcement

Government support will be provided to strengthen the connections between the texture and structural layers in multilayer panels by means of metal anchors. If the investor conducts thermomodernization works, an additional bonus of 50% of the cost of purchasing and installing the anchors will be granted. The aim of these works is to increase the safety of users of buildings made of prefabricated panels in situations where new insulation layers additionally load connectors being elements of a multilayer panel.

The estimated value of investments in buildings made of large panels amounts to approximately PLN 25.8 bn, of which PLN 17.2 bn is to be spent on thermomodernization and PLN 8.6 bn on assembly of anchors. The potential value of public co-financing in the form of bonuses may amount to PLN 7bn.

Additional support for RES

The draft amendment also assumes additional support for investors who will install renewable energy sources (RES) systems in buildings during the thermal upgrading process. In their case, the thermomodernization bonus will not amount to 16% but 21% of the project value. The support will also be available to housing communities in which the commune is the majority shareholder, which is currently not possible.

Safe buildings made of large slabs

In the whole of Poland it is about 60 thousand buildings made of large slabs, of which the vast majority (about 80%) were built with the use of three-layer panels technology. According to the report prepared by the Building Research Institute, there is no risk in terms of the construction and safety of these buildings.

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