Budimex interested in photovoltaics and energy storage

A record year for renewable energy

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Budimex is looking forward to comprehensively implement photovoltaic projects, as well as operate, with partners, in the field of energy storage. The company has agreements with companies that specialize in this technology. Budimex will soon compete in a huge tender for a power line between Poland and Lithuania.

Budimex has been active as a contractor of wind farms, while due to the level of cash, the company now wants to be also an investor in renewable energy sources. However, the company came to the conclusion that investments in wind farms will have no future because of the Distance Act. The only element the company wants to invest in – is photovoltaics. It is worth noting, that the company doesn’t want to be just a contractor, but also work from preparation, through realization, to selling energy. Budimex is now developing a company that will deal with it.

Budimex is also interested in the energy storage segment. The company shared that it has agreements with companies that specialize in this technology. Soon there will be a large tender for a power line connecting Poland with Lithuania, in which Budimex will participate. Specifically, in energy storage, Budimex will act as a general contractor, while the partner will provide the technology.

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