Budimex, Orlen and Lotos have joined a scientific consortium


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Budimex, Orlen Asfalt and Lotos Group have signed a contract with a scientific consortium formed by the Warsaw University of Technology, Gdansk University of Technology and the Road and Bridge Research Institute. Its objective will be to carry out a research programme in the field of modernisation of asphalt surfaces with the use of polymer modified bitumens.

Can we reduce road construction costs?

Scientists and these companies want to prove the positive impact of modified bitumen on the durability of road surfaces, which in turn will translate into lower road construction and maintenance costs. The results of the research, which will be known as early as in 2020, should show the advantages of polymer modified bitumens and the degrees to which they are competitive in comparison with the surface made of cement concrete.

Currently, the thickness and paving of road surface layers is most often determined on the basis of the Catalogue of Typical Surface Structures, and the information contained therein assumes the use of unmodified asphalt only. Thanks to research conducted by scientists, the catalogue is to be enriched with new sheets taking into account the use of modified and highly modified polymeric asphalts.

Orlen Asphalt as the leading supplier of asphalt binder

Orlen Asphalt is one of the largest suppliers of asphalt binder for road surfaces in Poland and Central Europe. The company has five plants located in Poland, the Czech Republic and Lithuania. In 2014, it was the first company to introduce to the Polish market a group of products modified with polymers, which today is one of the most dynamically developing directions of road surface technologies.

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