Budimex Startup Challenge contest has started

Budimex Startup Challenge

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Entrepreneurs can already send their applications to the Budimex Startup Challenge contest, and the first edition of the project focuses on the green energy sector. The contest is open to innovative entrepreneurs and young technological companies dealing with, among others, energy and technologies allowing for the reduction of carbon footprint.

Budimex startup challenge was created to promote ESG strategy, which focuses on the environment, social responsibility and corporate governance. It is primarily aimed at combating the negative impact of industry on the environment and climate. Therefore, Budimex has decided to start a new project that will encourage other entrepreneurs to take climate action. The project will focus on green energy, which is part of the EU Green Deal policy.

Who can take part in the Budimex Startup Challenge?

The Budimex Startup Challenge is intended for innovative entrepreneurs and young technology companies that offer products, services and solutions that have an impact on the construction industry. The project is therefore open to companies that deal with energy, reducing carbon footprint, efficient waste management, closed-loop economy technologies, short-term and long-term energy storage, generation of electricity as well as heat from renewable energy sources, and other ecological solutions.

According to Budimex, startups willing to take part in the competition will be able to test their innovative ideas in practice and to conduct research in a professional business, production and service environment. The jury will select ten companies that will be able to present their solutions at the final gala of the competition.

Budimex is a company owned by the Spanish investor Ferrovial, and it has been implementing the ESG strategy since 2020. The company’s employees have already presented 200 ideas on how to modernise the construction industry in Poland. Budimex has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 1995, and in 2020 its consolidated revenue amounted to PLN 8.38bn.

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