Wooden construction is becoming increasingly popular. Up to 15 thousand wooden buildings every year

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The number of wooden buildings has more than doubled in five years. Last year, 905 buildings in Poland were constructed in wooden structure. And although this is still only 1% of the total construction, a steady upward trend has been recorded for five years. In 2015, the number of buildings in wooden construction was only 348, according to the Central Statistical Office. Experts of Polish Wooden Houses indicate that the growing popularity of wooden structures is a good sign, although the potential of this market is much greater. Each year, even 15 thousand wooden buildings may be constructed.

The latest CSO report shows that in 2020, 92.2 thousand new residential buildings were constructed. Despite the pandemic that hampered many sectors of the economy, there was an increase of 7.7% compared to last year.

Considering the type of buildings and the technology of their construction, single-family buildings dominated in 2020, with 89.2 thousand constructed, while multi-family buildings were constructed in 2.9 thousand. As in previous years, traditional technology led the way, being used in the construction of 98.5% of new residential buildings put into use. In second place are wooden structures, which account for 1% of the entire construction market.

– According to our estimates, the share of timber construction in the entire sector may increase up to 20% within the next two decades. This will benefit not only the environment, by reducing the carbon footprint, but also the population, who will be able to live in healthy and friendly flats and houses. Even now, the share of wooden buildings in the total construction is higher than it is indicated by the CSO data, which, among other things, does not take into account all building permits issued, but only the buildings put into use,” says Tomasz Szlązak, President of the Management Board of Polskie Domów Drewnianych S.A.

Doubled growth in five years

In 2015, 348 buildings in wooden construction and 351 flats were put into use. A year later, this number rose to 378 buildings and 381 flats respectively, and in 2017 it was 455 buildings and 486 flats. In 2018, the number of timber-framed buildings is 658, while the number of dwellings is 674, while in 2019 it was 708 buildings and 730 dwellings. Last year consolidated the upward trend. As many as 905 buildings in wooden construction and 940 flats were built.

– The upward trend in the number of buildings in wooden construction, which is worth noting, does not change the fact that the percentage share of this type of construction according to the CSO data, still oscillates around 1%. However, we know that thanks to modern prefabrication technologies, which allow for constructing multi-storey buildings, we will increase this share. We are starting from Łódź and Choroszcz, where estates of single-family houses are being built, and then we will complete an investment in Środa Śląska, where even approx. 1400 flats in 4-storey buildings – sums up Tomasz Szlązak.

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