CEMEX Poland is committed to renewable energy sources in the fight against climate change

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One hundred percent of electricity purchased between 2020 and 2021 from PGE Polska Grupa Energetyczna to 32 CEMEX plants in Poland will come from renewable energy sources (RES). Thus, CEMEX confirms its commitment to responsible management of natural resources and conducting business activities in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.

Environmental responsibility strategy

CEMEX Poland has received a certificate confirming that all electricity purchased for production activities will come from renewable sources, including wind energy. This is the result of arrangements and business cooperation with the company PGE Obrót, which is a seller of electricity to end users, operating within the PGE Group, with which CEMEX Polska has been cooperating for over 10 years.

CEMEX Polska is a recipient of energy from renewable sources for the needs of operation of 32 plants, i.e. most of the production plants belonging to the company. These are two cement plants in Rudniki and Chełm, a clinker mill in Gdynia, 23 concrete plants throughout Poland and 5 aggregate mines. Electricity consumption at these plants is 280 GWh per year. The purchase of energy coming exclusively from RES is another element of implementation of CEMEX Poland’s environmental responsibility strategy.

The cooperation with PGE Obrót on renewable energy sources (RES) is part of the CEMEX strategy of sustainable development and climate protection, according to which we take care of the reduction of pollutant emissions and rational management of natural resources in our operations. Basing industrial production, such as cement or ready-mixed concrete production, on RES is a significant step towards reducing the carbon footprint, which leads to a reduction of the industry’s impact on climate change – says Jacek Nowosad, Energy Management Manager at CEMEX Poland.

Guarantees of electricity origin are issued by the President of the Energy Regulatory Office. They are transferred to the Guarantees of Origin Register kept on the Polish Power Exchange. PGE Obrót, as a member of the Guarantees of Origin Register, provides its end users with guarantees of origin, which confirm that a certain amount of electricity was generated using renewable energy sources.

More and more companies focus on social and environmental responsibility in their activities, looking for solutions that will allow them to achieve their business objectives while minimizing their impact on the natural environment. Thus, we are pleased to cooperate with CEMEX, which, in choosing the offer of PGE Obrót “Naturally, that energy”, is focused on sustainable development and solutions serving a positive impact on the climate – says Maciej Michalski, Director of the Corporate Clients Department at PGE Obrót.

Due to the scale and scope of its operations, CEMEX Polska manages its impact on the environment in a strategic manner. Maximising the sources of electricity generation and the use of RES is one of CEMEX’s key initiatives aimed at combating climate change. The use of RES allows to strengthen the company’s current commitment to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from its operations, implemented, among others, by using alternative fuels as a substitute for natural energy sources, such as hard coal.

Tight lead

CEMEX Polska is one of the national leading producers of cement, ready-mixed concrete and aggregates. Using the experience, knowledge and capital of an international concern, CEMEX Polska applies internationally recognized production and management standards, providing the Polish market with construction materials of the highest quality.

Source: Cemex Polska

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