Changes in Rafako’s Management Board

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The Supervisory Board of Rafako dismissed Jaroslaw Dusilo from the position of Vice-President of the Management Board. This position was taken over by Jerzy Ciechanowski, and Helena Fic was delegated from the Supervisory Board to temporarily hold the position of President of the Management Board for a period of three months, the company said in a report.

Composition of the Management Board

Currently, Rafako’s Management Board is composed of Helena Fic, who serves as President and Chairman of the Supervisory Board and two Vice-Presidents: Agnieszka Wasilewska-Semail and Jerzy Ciechanowski.

The current Vice-President Jaroslaw Dusilo will remain within the structures of the company. He will support the company in its operations as a managing director in the area of restructuring. He is also the Vice President of the subsidiary E003B7 responsible for the construction of the new unit in Jaworzno.

The competition for the president

The supervisory board of the company also decided to launch a competition for the position of the president of the company’s management board. The candidate is to implement the strategy set by Jerzy Wisniewski and approved by the Supervisory Board. The strategy provides for the construction of the largest Polish entity operating in the energy sector and the natural gas and crude oil industry based on Rafako. Malgorzata Wisniewska, Vice-President of the Supervisory Board, added that the company is looking for a candidate who will fully exploit its potential, established position on the market and synergy within the PBG Group.

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