Changes in the management of Erbud

Erbud w betonie

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The supervisory board of Erbud decided to appoint Jacek Leczkowski to the management board and to entrust him with the function of vice-president. Dariusz Grzeszczak, a former member of the management board of the company, will become its president. These changes are a result of the decision of Jozef Zubelewicz, who after 20 years decided to leave the company’s management board and retire.

From president to vice-president

Jacek Leczkowski has been working for the Erbud Group since 2008. The company then took over the company Rembet Plus, which he founded. In 2010, as a result of the merger of Rembet Plus with PRD, which also belonged to Erbudu, a PBDI entity was established and Jacek Leczkowski took over the position of the President of the Management Board in the newly established company.

Formally, Jozef Zubelewicz will hold the position of a member of the company’s Management Board until the end of this year, and Jacek Leczkowski will start working on his new position on 2 January 2020. Józef Zubelewicz will remain with the Group as an advisor to the Management Board. He will deal, among others, with the company’s activity in the segment of volumetric construction abroad.

Successful period

In Q1-Q3 2019, Erbud recorded a consolidated net profit of PLN 27.44m compared with a loss of PLN 23.61m a year earlier. Revenues from sales amounted to PLN 1,789.04m (+10.1% y-o-y).

At the end of Q3 2019, the Group’s domestic revenues from the construction of buildings totalled PLN 1,191m and were higher by 12% than in the previous year, while the domestic construction of buildings abroad generated PLN 97.8m, i.e. by 34% less than in the previous year. The largest y-o-y growth was recorded by the road engineering segment, which generated revenues of PLN 259m – by 43% more than in the previous year, thanks to which its share in the Group’s revenues reached 14%.

At the end of September, the Erbud Group had a portfolio of orders of PLN 2.3bn, including PLN 622m in 2019.

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