Consortium of Polimex and Trakcja will expand the tram network in Olsztyn

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As a result of the settlement of the appeal procedure by the NAC and then the court in Warsaw, the most favourable offer was selected for the execution of the extension of tram lines in Olsztyn. On June 2nd the investor concluded an agreement with the contractor for the investment.

The contractor selected as a result of the tender procedure (a consortium made up of: Polimex Infrastruktura – leader, Polimex Mostostal and Trakcja), signed on 2 June 2021 a contract with the Municipality of Olsztyn, the subject of which is the extension of tramway lines in Olsztyn with a gross value of PLN 403,164,353.11. The contractual deadline for the completion of the investment is 26 months, which means that Olsztyn residents will be able to use the new lines as early as around August 2023.

The construction and expansion will be carried out on fully urbanised and used city streets. The scope of work under the contract includes, in particular: the construction of a 6-kilometre-long track bed along with tram catenary; the construction of two rectifier stations for the tram catenary; the construction of a 270-metre-long flyover with a span of 28-39 metres as well as the reconstruction of intersections and streets along the tram line route.

The contract in question will also cover the reconstruction and construction of pavements and cycle paths along the tram line, the reconstruction and construction of public transport stops, bays and platforms with shelters, passenger information and service facilities, as well as the reconstruction and construction of the drainage system in the streets, tracks and neighbouring areas. Area lighting will also be provided, together with networks and a management system. The contractor will also make traffic lights and traffic safety devices.

The contract was signed by the representatives of the contracting authority and the consortium members. Trakcja S.A. was represented by Arkadiusz Arciszewski – Vice-President of the Management Board and Adam Stolarz – Member of the Management Board; “We are happy with the final decision of the Court, which confirms the validity of our claims and means that today we are concluding an agreement that is important for the good development of the local community. We also perceive the selection of our offer as a testimony to the high competence of our company in the field of municipal investments.” – Arkadiusz Arciszewski commented on the conclusion of the agreement.

Source: Trakcja S.A.

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