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Construction and transport sectors in the face of the technological revolution

On 20 February in The Westin Warsaw hotel the jubilee 10th edition of the conference “Polish Infrastructure and Construction” will be held. The culmination of the event will be an evening gala of “Infrastructure and Construction Diamonds” statuettes for the most outstanding entities in the industry. The conference has been recognized by the industry for 10 years.

Through active cooperation of business and scientific authorities, we want to provoke a lively discussion about the condition of the Polish construction industry and the infrastructure market. We believe that it will inspire both parties to implement breakthrough solutions and give courage to take innovative actions.

The jubilee edition will be an opportunity to discuss topics such as: the impact of digitalization on the construction sector, the dynamics of investment development in road and rail infrastructure, new technologies in the construction service and the vision of the cities of the future. We will also summarize the past year in infrastructure and construction, including the effects of cooperation between the public and private sectors: Geoff Haley – Founder and President of the International Project Finance Association (IPFA) and Włodzimierz Szymczak – President of the European Council of Civil Engineers in 2014-2016. The conference will be crowned with a ceremonial gala of “Diamonds of Infrastructure and Construction” statuettes.

The group of sector authorities gathered in the Competition Jury will select winners who stood out from the industry in eight categories in a special way.PMR will be represented by Katarzyna Żychoń, Iryna Henher and Paweł Olszynka.More details on the organiser’s website:

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