Construction of single-family houses PDD in Choroszcz ready in 3 days

dom w choroszczy

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The construction of the PDD estate in Rybacka Street in Choroszcz is progressing rapidly. Ten single-family, two-family buildings and one service building are being erected there. Thanks to the prefabrication technology used, ready elements arrive at the construction site, where they are assembled into a whole within just three days. The general contractor of the investment is the Unihouse company.

Elements of timber-frame houses are produced in the Unihouse factory in Bielsk Podlaski. At one stand, building elements such as wall fragments, posts or beams are cut with surgical precision. Then, a second machine takes care of joining the individual elements into a bigger whole.

– All elements that make up the buildings in Choroszcz are prepared in our factory with the greatest precision. We use digital processing, which makes the process precise to the millimetre and resembles the most modern car factory. This practically minimises the margin for error, which is much bigger in conventional construction,” explains Wojciech Wierciński, Assembly Master, Unihouse SA.

It takes about 40 working days to produce all the elements making up the 10 buildings, which will comprise 20 flats of around 100 m2 and a service unit. The assembly hall is roofed, so production takes place regardless of the weather.

House ready in 3 days

The finished elements are packed and transported to Rybacka Street as a panel system. Each wall arrives separately and is joined on site using the prepared outline. One building is spread over 42 walls, 8 ceilings, 4 beams and 4 roof panels.

– The assembly of one entire house takes about 2.5-3 working days. Some of the sanitary installations are already in the walls. All that remains is to take care of the joints between the walls. The assembly of all ten buildings on the construction site takes about 1.5 months,” adds Wojciech Wierciński.

Ecology and energy efficiency of wooden construction

The buildings in Choroszcz are constructed using a wooden, panelled structure. The shape of the houses is similar to a cube. Additionally, there are no balconies or other elements protruding outside the body of the house. As a result, they have no thermal bridges and are energy efficient. All external walls of the building will be insulated with mineral wool. This material minimises heat exchange between the building and the external environment. It is ecological and highly fire resistant. The heat transfer coefficient in the houses built in Choroszcz will be about 20% lower than the currently binding WT 2021 standard. The buildings will be covered with a pitched roof, and its structure will be adapted for the installation of 5 kW photovoltaic panels. Each unit will be equipped with mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, and the estate will have rainwater tanks for watering the green areas.

– Application of ecological solutions guarantees that future residents will live in healthy, safe and durable buildings. And this is what we were most concerned about. Of course, the main asset of our estate in Choroszcz is wood. This renewable and ecological building material is the best choice for residents. On the other hand, excellent ventilation and optimum air humidity, combined with thermal insulation, ensure coolness in summer and warmth in winter – says Tomasz Szlazak, President of the Management Board of Polskie Domy Drewniane S.A.

The investment of Polskie Domy Drewniane in Choroszcz is an intimate housing estate being built in the vicinity of the S8 expressway, near Białystok. The construction in Choroszcz will be completed in the fourth quarter of this year.

Source: PDD

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