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The company Centralny Port Komunikacyjny (Central Communication Port) signed the first contract for nature inventories: for an area of ​​almost 26,000 ha of land along the planned high-speed line Warsaw – Łódź. By the end of September, similar studies will cover a total of 115,000 hectares along 530 km of future railway routes.

Nature inventories are studies that allow the identification of protected, rare or endangered elements of the environment in areas designated for future investments. At the same time, it is one of the elements of the environmental procedure that precedes obtaining an environmental impact assessment, a location decision, and then a building permit.

We operate according to plan, our goal is to meet the declared schedules. The environmental inventories that are just about to start mean for the CPK the start of the investment procedure. This is an important stage that will allow the CPK company to obtain data for the purposes of environmental proceedings, says Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Marcin Horała, government plenipotentiary for CPK.

The order for the Warsaw-Łódź section is the first of nine inventory contracts that CPK plans to sign in the coming weeks. Thanks to them, by the end of 2021, nature inventories will be carried out along the first 530 km of planned railway lines.

Below is a list of investments on which nature inventories will be carried out:

  • Warsaw – Łódź (without the CPK junction)
  • North Sieradz – Kępno
  • Kępno – Czernica Wrocławska
  • Łódź – North Sieradz
  • Żarów – state border (PL / CZ)
  • Czernica Wrocławska – Wrocław
  • Łętownia – Rzeszów
  • Trawniki – Krasnystaw City and Wólka Orłowska – Zamość
  • Ostrołęka – Łomża

The CPK schedule assumes that these investments will be implemented first, so that preparatory construction works can start before the end of 2023.

The total area of ​​the land designated for inventory for the construction of railway lines under this stage is 114,000 ha in the province. Mazowieckie, Łódzkie, Wielkopolskie, Dolnośląskie, Podkarpackie, Lubelskie and Podlaskie. The estimated value of the contracts for these contracts is PLN 7.5m net.

All inventory works should be performed within 16 months. The first two months will be spent on updating the data and analyzing documents obtained from archives, from scientific studies and from local governments, concerning the area of ​​the future inventory.

CPK railway investments total almost 1,800 km of new lines, which are to be completed by the end
2034 The CPK Railway Program consists of a total of 12 railway routes, including 10 so-called spokes leading from various regions of Poland to Warsaw and CPK.

Source: CPK (Centralny Port Komunikacyjny – Central Communication Port)

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