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Last year was a very successful year in all segments of Dekpol’s activity. The Company recorded an increase in both profit and revenue compared with 2017.

Increase in revenue by 45% y-o-y

Dekpol noted in 2018 PLN 33.93m consolidated net profit compared to PLN 32.98m profit a year earlier, which means an increase by 3% y-o-y. Consolidated sales revenues were at the level of PLN 837.03m, compared to PLN 578.99m in 2017, which in turn means an increase of 45% y-o-y. The operating profit amounted to PLN 52.25m (an increase by 11% y-o-y) and the profit on a standalone basis reached PLN 30.38m (an increase by 46% y-o-y).

Segments of general contracting and manufacturing of accessories in plus

2018 was very successful in all areas of Dekpol’s business. The General Contracting segment reported a 88% y-o-y increase in sales revenue. The achieved result is due to the company’s concentration on increasing the portfolio of profitable orders and at the same time strengthening the market position. At the end of last year, Dekpol executed contracts for external entities with a total net value of over PLN 637m.

The segment of production of equipment for construction machinery recorded a 42% y-o-y increase in sales revenue. Since June 2018, the Company has implemented product standardization and focused on the production of equipment weighing over 20 tons. Thanks to this, it was possible to improve work efficiency and shorten the time of order execution, said Mariusz Tuchlin, President of the Management Board.

Nice results also in the property development market

2018 was also a successful year for the developer activity of the company, which at the beginning of this year was separated into a special purpose vehicle. Last year, Dekpol sold 569 flats on the basis of preliminary and development agreements, compared to 802 units contracted in 2017. The company’s offer included more luxurious investments, which translated into higher transaction prices. Therefore, with lower sales of units in terms of volume, the value of sales of apartments in 2018 differed only by 9% from the value of apartments sold in 2017. In the company’s financial result for the previous year, 591 units were recognized, compared to 573 units a year earlier.

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