Despite growth in the market for factory-made construction chemicals, construction and renovation companies’ assessment of the economic climate is at its lowest level since 2012


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A sharp decline in PMR’s Construction Climate Index for the construction chemicals sector and very good statistics for the cubature construction industry make it difficult to assess the past year unequivocally.

According to a survey of several hundred renovation and construction companies and a data analysis carried out for the report “Construction chemicals market in Poland 2021. Market analysis and development forecasts for 2021-2026”, the past year, 2020, brought an acceleration in the market growth rate, which is directly linked to the favourable situation on the residential construction market.

Wartość i dynamika rynku HoReCa 2021 PL

This increase is mainly due to an increase in the area of residential buildings (both single and multi-family) put into use. We expect this area to grow only marginally in 2021. Combined with other factors, however, this will help maintain modest growth in 2021 in most construction chemicals segments.

Meanwhile, despite the good situation in the construction market, we noted a significant reduction in PMR’s Construction Sentiment Index for the construction chemicals industry, due to the uncertainty around the coronavirus and generally more reserved responses from respondents – a high proportion of neutral opinions, low values given for employment, projected financial position and order values. Such low readings have not occurred for almost a decade.

According to a survey conducted by PMR among companies which specialise in renovation and construction, Weber and Mapei are the most highly rated construction chemical brands. While Mapei was usually at the top of our ranking, Weber, a brand belonging to the Saint-Gobain Group, has moved up considerably since the previous edition. The third place in the ranking was taken by Knauf, which left its previous leading position. The ranking is closed for the third time in a row by the Tytan brand, which is backed by the Selena company. Despite the last place, it still gathered better ratings than two years ago.

Wartość i dynamika rynku HoReCa 2021 PL

More information in the latest PMR report: “Construction chemicals market in Poland 2021”.

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