Development of land under the rail tracks in Krakow

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The areas under the new railway flyovers in Krakow will be developed. PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A. (Polish Railway Lines) set up a team that, in consultation with the city’s representatives, will prepare a plan for the use of space in the place of the former railway embankments. The PLK investment opens up new opportunities for the inhabitants of Krakow to improve living conditions and communication in an area of ​​over 21,000 m2.

Task carried out by PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A. between Kraków Glowny and Plaszow is the elimination of the bottleneck and the opening of new opportunities for rail travel in the largest agglomeration of Malopolska, the voivodeship and on long-distance routes.

The National Railway Program ensures smooth travel and promotes the even development of cities and regions. By building a comfortable, safe and predictable railway, we improve the living conditions of residents next to railway lines. Effects for travelers are already visible in Krakow, and soon the investments of PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A. residents will benefit – said Andrzej Adamczyk, Minister of Infrastructure.
With the city’s inhabitants in mind, Polskie Linie Kolejowe also intends to make optimal use of the conditions created by the project – the opening of over 21,000 m2 of new space under the flyovers, in the place of the former embankments.
We use the opportunities offered by the investments of PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A. to improve communication conditions and land development favorable for residents. Thanks to the project on the Krakow Glowny – Plaszow route, residents will gain a pedestrian footbridge over the Vistula River and new spaces under the flyovers in the place of railway embankments – said Ireneusz Merchel, President of the Management Board of PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A.
The team appointed in PLK for the development of the areas under the flyovers, together with the representatives of the City, will work on the development of the scope of the development of the area under the railway line from Kopernika St. to Miodowa St. A common concept of land development and a maintenance formula will be developed.
PLK’s activity related to the interesting and in line with the expectations of the residents development of the open area under the flyovers is another undertaking of the infrastructure manager for the society of Krakow. When building new railway bridges over the Vistula River, Polish Railway Lines made it possible to build a pedestrian and bicycle bridge, which will significantly improve communication in the city.
Source: PKP PLK S.A.

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