Education and Recreation Center in Marki – the most modern public building in Poland


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Budimex has completed the construction of the Education and Recreation Center (MCER) in Marki, currently the most modern educational and recreational complex in Poland.

Quick construction

Construction began in March 2018 and the opening is scheduled for November 30 this year. The implementation therefore took one year and 7 months. The complex consists of 2 buildings with a total area of approx. 15,000 sqm. What is particularly worth emphasizing, the investment was implemented using the BIM model: an inter-branch, three-dimensional investment project was used, as well as an innovative platform for documentation management and the BIM model with access from mobile devices.

Modern technologies

MCER is the first public building in Poland with a BREEAM certificate. The building is equipped with the most innovative technologies, thanks to which it is not only not to use power, but even to produce it. The power is to be provided by a cogeneration unit. The heat from its production is to be used to heat water. On the other hand, a heat recovery mechanism from shower waste was installed. The building was also equipped with a system for obtaining water from rainwater and continuous optimization of energy consumption in individual parts of the Center. An important part of the installation is of course solar farm and recuperation system. Control over ensuring smooth operation is provided by the BMS system.

In the opinion of the investor and contractor, the success of the investment should encourage subsequent local governments to follow in the footsteps of Marek and create modern and multi-functional ecological buildings.

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