Energopol Szczecin once again thrown out of the construction site

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GDDKiA withdrew from the agreement with Energopol Szczecin regarding the reconstruction of the A6 motorway between Szczecin Dabie and Rzesnica for reasons attributable to the contractor. The tender for the completion of the investment is to be announced later this year.

80% of completed works

The contract worth PLN 35.4 million for the reconstruction of the A6 motorway between Szczecin Dabie and Rzesnica was signed with Energopol Szczecin in November 2017 with the completion date in April next year. The works stopped in July this year and were not resumed as promised after the holiday season. So far, 80% of the scope of the investment has been completed at the construction site, and only the wearing course on the roadway towards Szczecin and the animal crossing have remained to be completed.

Occupied warranty

In this situation, the Directorate for National Roads and Motorways activated a performance bond to secure the contract. The occupied guarantee amounts to approximately PLN 3.5m. This amount will allow to cover the liabilities of improper performance of the contract by the contractor, such as payments to subcontractors, suppliers and service providers.

Another ejection from the construction site

Energopol-Szczecin has once again been expelled from the construction site of the investment for GDDKiA in the last few weeks. 14 October this year. On 14 October this year, the management withdrew from contracts with the company for the construction of the Walcz bypass (S10) and the extension of the Szczecin Kijewo road junction (A6/DK10), of which we informed at that time.

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