Energopol Szczecin thrown out of road construction

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The General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways (GDDKiA) informed that it withdrew from contracts with Energopol Szczecin for the construction of the Walcz bypass (S10) and extension of the Szczecin Kijewo road junction (A6/national road no. 10).

Non-fulfilment of contracts

The management informed that the contract was terminated due to the contractor’s failure to comply with the provisions of the contract. The contractor suspended basic works on these investments and despite the calls to perform the overdue works within the indicated deadlines, it did not fulfil them.

GDDKiA has announced that it is in the process of preparing tenders for the completion of the investment, which it plans to announce later this year.

Delayed construction

The construction of the Walcz bypass along the S10 road should be completed by 31 May this year. Approximately 15% of the time before its completion is short of advancement. The missing part is mainly 100,000 tonnes of bituminous masses. Despite the fact that the contractor owns a bituminous mass factory and has accumulated aggregates on the construction site, the contractor did not continue the basic works necessary to complete the investment.

At the construction site of the Szczecin Kijewo road junction, the material advancement was 20%, despite the expiry of approx. 70% of the contract duration. Recent works include reconstruction of the water mains supplying water to Szczecin. GDDKiA explains that despite repeated calls for improvement, no increased involvement of the company was observed.

Energopol’s problems

In July this year, Energopol Szczecin filed a bankruptcy petition with the court, which it later withdrew and replaced with a restructuring petition. The company is currently waiting for the court to open the proceedings.

The company’s problems are due to financial problems. Since the beginning of this year, we have been working on the following issues Energopol Szczecin does not settle a large part of its obligations towards subcontractors, service providers and suppliers. As a result, they resigned from cooperation and left construction sites.

GDDKiA paid PLN 28.4m to Energopol Szczecin’s subcontractors on the Walcz bypass within the framework of commitments, and further applications for PLN 5.8m are under consideration. The amount paid at the Szczecin Kijewo interchange is PLN 3.5m and PLN 0.5m is being considered.

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