Erbud plans to produce and sell module houses

erbud inżynier

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Erbud is planning to expand the scope of its business activities to include production and sale of modular houses. The investment expenditures may amount to PLN 80-100m.

The construction of modular homes consumes much less energy than traditional construction, which leaves a small carbon footprint, making it environmentally friendly. Erbud intends to sell modular houses on foreign markets, where this type of construction is developing dynamically. For years Erbud has been present on the German market with a strong business position, where the group expects the greatest success. The new business area will enable the company to additionally strengthen its position, which will be reflected in profits.

The Erbud Group will require investments to start production and sale of modular homes. The company is planning the purchase of facilities where the production line will operate. The costs related to the implementation of this plan are estimated at approx. PLN 80-100 million. Currently, the company’s management board is considering many options for obtaining funds, including obtaining debt financing or selling some of the shares of PBDI S.A. (Road Construction-Engineering Company). The Torun company specializes in the implementation of renewable energy projects, such as wind farms and photovoltaic farms. The sell of shares may occur by the Warsaw Stock Exchange or a strategic investor.

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