FB Antczak: 2020 with record sales on developer market

Marcin Antczak

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Over half a thousand residential units were sold by Antczak Construction Company in 2020. This result is significantly higher than in the previous year. – The year 2021 and the following years will favour the realisation of residential investments also in smaller urban centres. It is an opportunity for us to grow even more dynamically – declares Marcin Antczak, Vice-President of FB Antczak.

FB Antczak summed up the year 2020 on the residential market. Within its own development portfolio, the Group completed the construction of a total of 616 flats and houses. In the case of 518 units, the ownership of the units has already been transferred to customers. A large proportion of the remaining 98 units have been reserved and are awaiting finalisation of sales.

– The largest share of our sales volume was accounted for by the capital city developments: Ryżowa Park (139 units), Cicha Łąka (89 units) and Bluszczowe Wille (40 houses). Our home market in the Wielkopolska region remains very strong – in Kalisz we sold a total of 133 flats as part of the Nowy Korczak and Łódzka 7 projects, 48 flats and houses as part of the Panorama Park II and Botaniczna House projects, and 31 flats as part of the Kaliska Park project in Turek. We have also signed 38 agreements for the sale of houses in the 7 Klonów estate in Łódź and we have started the process of concluding reservation agreements for flats in the recently launched Ziębicka 14 project in Poznań – enumerates Marcin Antczak, Vice-President of FB Antczak.

Additionally, while acting as a general contractor for leading developers on the residential market, FB Antczak has also built over 480 units within the investment Diasfera Łódzka, Rezydencja Niechorze and Malta Wołkowyska in Poznań. In total, operating in the development and general contracting sector, the Group ended 2020 with over 1.1 thousand residential units delivered.

– Another very good year is behind us, in which we not only increased the volume of flats sold to customers and delivered to investors, but also strengthened the Group’s diversification in key segments. As a developer, general contractor and investor, we are growing both in the residential and commercial real estate segments. We are investing in our presence in the largest Polish cities, while not forgetting about smaller, but highly urbanised urban centres with constantly growing labour markets. The share of these centres will increase in the coming years due to, among other things, the availability of attractive land, the growing role of remote work and the changing needs of clients. The ongoing pandemic has further strengthened the trends we have been observing on the residential market – adds Marcin Antczak.

FB Antczak is a developer, general contractor and investor on the real estate market. For nearly 40 years the Group has executed residential, commercial and logistic-industrial investments, e.g. in Warsaw, Łódź, Wrocław, Lublin, Gdańsk, Poznań or Kalisz. Three complementary business segments, own production and technical base and a stable and trusted team allow for the implementation of demanding investment projects. On the development market FB Antczak has already built over 5,000 flats and houses within a few dozen housing estates.

Source: FB Antczak

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