GDDKiA deliberately postpones the dates for the announcement of tenders


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The General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways (GDDKiA) informed that it would consciously and with full responsibility postpone the date of announcement of part of the tender procedures. This decision is intended to prevent overpricing, which would lead to market foreclosure.

A busy time for the industry

GDDKiA currently performs 92 tasks with a total length of 1116 km, the value of which is PLN 37.3bn. By the end of 2020, 43 more tasks will have been announced, and 15 more tenders are being prepared for publication. Moreover, by 2026 the management plans to announce proceedings for about 220 tasks within the framework of works on the existing road network. The Ring Road Construction Programme for the years 2020-2030 is also under preparation.

Necessary reaction

The enormity of the ongoing and planned work makes it necessary to take action to balance the market so that the tasks can be carried out in accordance with the agreement and the agreed schedule, explains GDDKiA in its communication. For this reason, it has deliberately and responsibly decided, after consulting the main contractors, to postpone the dates for the announcement of certain proceedings.

Tasks to be postponed for nearly 50 km

At the beginning of this year, information was given about the planned announcement of tenders for sections with a total length of about 435 km. 240 km went through this process, and in the near future, proceedings will be announced for more than 138 km, including the construction of a 9 km bypass around Oswiecim, which was not included in the plans. Considering the current market opportunities, it was decided to postpone the announcement of tenders to 50 km.

“Announce a large number of tenders and sign contracts in anticipation of what will happen in two to three years’ time? That would be irresponsible. It is an artificial success without a goal-oriented approach. We are building the market together with all its participants, realistically assessing the possibilities of performing specific tasks in a specific time”, said GDDKiA.

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