GDDKiA has chosen the contractor for the construction of S7 Widoma – Cracow

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A contractor has been chosen to complete the design and construction of the section of the S7 expressway from the Widoma junction to the borders of Krakow. The General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways entrusted this task to a consortium of Gulermak and Mosty Łódź, which offered to perform the task for nearly PLN 1.546 bn.

GDDKiA has terminated their contract with the previous contractor – an Italian company Webuild (previously known as Sallini) at the beginning of December 2020, as the pace of the work performed so far made it impossible to complete the investment within the previously agreed deadline.The contract, signed in September 2018, amounted to PLN1.072bn. The work was to be completed in 34 months from the date of the contract, excluding the winter months. The decision to withdraw the contract was motivated by the company’s failure to complete the works in a timely and satisfactory manner, as well as the lack of response to calls for improvement. 

The new contractors were selected from among six proposals submitted to the tender – the remaining candidates have 10 days to appeal to the selection made by GDDKiA. In the absence of appeals, the contract with Gulermak and Mosty Lodz will come into force, according to the representative of GDDKiA, Iwona Mikrut. 

All the works are to be completed no longer than 25 months from the contract conclusion date for the non urban section (no. 1) and 31 months from the contract conclusion date for the urban section (no. 2). The contract also includes the works on section No. 3 Kocmyrzowska (from the junction of the planned Grebalow interchange to the intersection with Kantorowicka Street) with the completion term of 34 months, however under the condition that GDDKiA will carry out works on this section under the agreement with the Krakow authorities.

The entire section of S7 from the Widoma junction to the Krakow Nowa Huta junction will be 18.3 km long. The investment runs through heavily urbanized areas of Krakow, which makes it expensive and technically complicated. Four road junctions, including an integrated one, will be constructed along the route.

The construction of the S7 expressway between the border with świętokrzyskie voivodship and Krakow was divided into four implementation sections: Moczydlo – Miechow, Miechow – Szczepanowice, Szczepanowice – Widoma and Widoma – Krakow (with the inclusion of the Krakow Nowa Huta junction). The entire route is almost 56 km long – the closest to completion is the section between Szczepanowice and Widoma, on which work is to be finished this autumn. 

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