GDDKiA: The certification system may appear in 2023

Certification system

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The announced certification system is to facilitate future tender procedures through a comprehensive verification of companies. Although for the time being the project of such a system is at a preliminary stage, Tomasz Żuchowski from the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways (GDDKiA) talks about its possible implementation already in 2023.

In an interview with the Infrastructure Market, Tomasz Żuchowski, acting General Director for National Roads and Motorways, talks about the changes, which could be observed during the recent tenders. There are fewer and fewer companies that appear with an attractive price offer, without much experience in conducting investments in Poland. According to Tomasz Żuchowski, this is connected with the termination of contracts with companies, which did not have the human, equipment and organisational potential to carry out the contracted projects. In addition, the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways (GDDKiA) sets high requirements in new tenders, expecting the general contractor to personally perform part of the key works, such as road surfaces or engineering structures. As a result, companies without adequate infrastructure in Poland are not taken into account.

Contractor certification system

Tomasz Żuchowski, who is one of the initiators of the contractor certification mechanism, admits that the procedures in force are among the most liberal in Europe. As a result of such provisions of the public procurement law, Polish organisations have no internal instruments and mechanisms that would allow verification of the entity executing the contract, and the selection of the contractor is based solely on declarations.

To adapt Polish regulations in such a way as to be able to build a mature and diverse market, it is necessary to analyse the verification systems used in other European countries. As Tomasz Żuchowski emphasises, the introduction of a system for the verification of contractors in Poland will make it possible to promote honest and reliable companies which carry out investments on time, abide by the declared quality and pay receivables to all entities cooperating with them.

In April 2021, a team of experts for certification was established at the Ministry of Development, Labour and Technology, which includes a representative of the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways, employers and representatives of other ministries. Although conceptual work is underway for the time being and no document has yet been produced, there is a chance that the certification system will be implemented in 2023. According to Tomasz Żuchowski, a team of experts should prepare a report, which would make it possible to propose legislative changes. He also hopes that the system will be ready when the new Government’s National Roads Construction Programme is implemented.

Tomasz Żuchowski also adds that the certification system should be a simple system of verification of entities checking if the declared experience of contractors is in line with the realised investments. Such a system would allow for awarding reliable companies and would indicate specific requirements for new entities.

Problems with the current lack of regulations

Ongoing construction investments require not only a guarantee of high-quality execution but also the use of cutting-edge technologies by contractors. Companies are expected to be well organised, have their own capacities and engineering experience at the highest level. Due to the lack of regulations allowing for verification of companies’ activities, entities implementing investments cannot check contractors’ declarations and therefore not only the best and verified companies take part in tenders.

Certification of contractors would enable both the verification of previously executed contracts and the simplification of procedures. Thanks to this, companies would not have to submit the same documents each time. The certificate would be verified in terms of finances, personnel, equipment, and would also check the company for any arrears of contributions to ZUS or the tax office. Such simplified procedures would also make it easier for companies to adjust their development strategy to their capabilities and ambitions.

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