Górażdże Group vaccinates over half a thousand employees

Górażdże szczepienia

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The leader in the domestic production of cement and the tycoon on the ready-mixed concrete market in Poland has started a vaccination campaign for employees, their family members and subcontractors. On 12 and 19 May this year a total of about 700 people will be vaccinated, most of whom will be employees of Górażdże Group. The second dose of the vaccine is planned for June this year.

Vaccinations carried out within the framework of the National Vaccination Programme are an element of a broader strategy of the company in the scope of health and safety at work. Górażdże Group very quickly decided to join the programme and offer its employees convenient, quick vaccination appointments at the plant. – Thanks to huge interest, even before the holidays a large part of the team, together with their families, will receive both doses of the vaccine. This gives high hopes for a quick return to normality, which we all long for. Health is undoubtedly the most important, but we cannot forget about the social dimension and the need for mutual integration of all employees,” says Jacek Połącarz, HR Director, Member of the Management Board of Górażdże Group.

Participation in the National Vaccination Programme is completely voluntary. Volunteers are not obliged to register in the e-patient system, and the hospital employees will take care of it for them – those who have decided to be vaccinated at work will have their vaccination date changed in the system. – Coordinating an action on such a scale was a huge logistic and organisational challenge, as nearly 700 people declared their willingness to be vaccinated. Among them there are both employees, their families and persons from subcontracting companies,” points out Sabina Krubnik, coordinator of the vaccination campaign at Górażdże Group.

The whole action is carried out with the use of Pfizer vaccine, administered by specialists from the University Clinical Hospital in Opole. Due to a very large number of volunteers, the process was divided into two dates (12 and 19 May), from which the employees could choose the most convenient day and time for themselves. The quick organisation of the vaccination is the effect of an efficiently conducted information campaign and a very enthusiastic approach of the employees themselves, who started to submit mass declarations of willingness to participate in the programme.

Safety in many fields

Górażdże Group emphasises that the decision to join the National Vaccination Programme was made immediately after receiving signals from the employees. – We put the safety of our team first and we show it every day. Indeed, our activities around the pandemic are not just based on vaccination. Along with the introduction of the first sanitary restrictions, we provided the employees with, among other things, protective measures and disinfecting fluids, and in the buildings there is still non-contact temperature measurement among the occupants,’ assures Jacek Połącarz.

During the pandemic, employees of Górażdże Group, who had such a possibility, also switched to the remote work mode (home office). From the very beginning, the manufacturer has also scrupulously conveyed information on maintaining safety principles in the context of the pandemic. Information posters have also been put up in all factories and offices, and up-to-date messages and guidelines on safety measures are sent via e-mail and the intranet. – We are using all available communication channels and tools to ensure the highest level of security. We have introduced new rules for briefings and meetings, which are held online wherever possible. Digitalisation has also played a major role in the whole process of keeping distance and avoiding direct contact. Today, no one can imagine functioning without specially adapted platforms. Training sessions or meetings with clients are also held in the form of webinars. Although we all long for contact with people, as long as it is necessary we will consistently follow the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate”, summarizes the HR Director of Górażdże Group.

Source: Górażdże Group

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