Government adopts programme to build 100 ring roads 

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A resolution was adopted on the establishment of the construction of 100 ring roads for 2020-2030 Program, according to the Ministry of Infrastructure. The new routes with a total length of 820 km are to increase safety on roads with high traffic. The government is allocating PLN 28 billion for the realization of this purpose. 

The preparations for the construction tasks are already under way – the necessary documentation for some of the bypasses has been already drawn up, while the preparation process already is underway for some. Additionally, over a dozen beltways are already in the tender procedure, and contracts with contractors have been signed for three more. These are the bypasses of Wachock within DK42, Smolajny within DK51 and Lipsko within DK79.

Tender procedures are ongoing for: Pultusk within DK 61, Zodyn within DK32, Suchowola within DK8, Brzezie within DK25, Gostyn within DK12, Strzelce Krajenskie within DK 22, Sztabin within DK8, Grzymiszewo within DK72, Gryfino along DK31 and Szczecinek within DK20. 

The project is financed by the National Road Fund (KFD). The funds in KFD come from the fuel surcharge, credits and loans (mainly from international financial institutions) and bonds, as well as the Electronic Toll Collection System, and EU funds from operational programs under the 2014-2010 perspective and 2021-2027. The currently implemented Program for 2014-2023 (with a perspective until 2025) provides for the construction of 43 ring roads with a total length of 447.5 km, worth PLN 11.3 billion. By the end of 2020. 18 ring roads have been commissioned as part of PBDK. As part of previous investment activities, a total of 64 were given. 

Independent of the new Program, the construction of bypasses for large cities and agglomerations is carried out as part of the expansion of the network of motorways and expressways – incl. ring roads of Lodz, Bydgoszcz, Czestochowa and Rzeszow). 

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