“House with a climate” campaign

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“House with a climate” – this was the slogan of the Ministry of Climate’s educational campaign promoting ecology in construction. On a specially created portal you can find information, among others about available financial support programs, ask experts or learn about the advantages of wooden construction. Polskie Domy Drewniane S.A. are the content partner of the campaign.

On the website https://www.domzklimatem.gov.pl/ we can read that the ecological house, among others it generates savings thanks to the use of solar energy, does not pollute the air, because it is heated by an ecological heat source, and also collects rainwater. However, the most important thing is a house made of natural, fully renewable resources, such as wood.
The use of wood in construction is a trend present on many European and world markets. It is an ecological solution, healthier for residents and faster in terms of the construction process. However, only about 2,000-2,500 units are created in Poland (all-year-round single-family houses) in this technology, which gives an indicator of approx. 1% of the total construction. On the other hand, in other countries, these values ​​reach 15-20% and this is the level we want to achieve. We know that education in the field of the advantages of wooden construction plays a key role, which is why we are pleased to participate in the campaign of the Ministry of Climate as a content partner – says Tomasz Szlązak, President of the Board of Polskie Domy Drewniane S.A.
On the project’s website there is a knowledge zone with answers to the most pressing questions for people interested in wooden construction. In the “Bet on wood” section, you can learn about the advantages of this technology and read articles co-written, among others by PDD experts. On the other hand, the “Ask an expert” tab contains professional advice related not only to the use of wood in the construction of houses and apartments, but also to ecology in the construction industry in general.
In addition to PDD, the campaign’s substantive partners are also the Association of Energy-efficient Ready Houses (EDG) and the Building Research Institute (ITB).

Not only for customers, but also for specialists

The campaign is not only intended for people looking for green building technologies. It is also a place for specialists already using this type of solutions in their existing investments. One of the elements of the “house with a climate” campaign is competition “Design with a climate – Competition for Champions” addressed to architects / designers, investors and contractors from all over Poland. The organizers will award the best completed investment conducive to climate protection, made in a technology that uses wood as a structural element of the facility. The deadline for submitting applications is September 30, 2020.

Source: Polskie Domy Drewniane S.A.

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