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In which projects do developers have flats to which you can pick up the keys immediately? Which units are on offer? At what price? How popular are they among buyers? A survey was conducted by the real estate website

Andrzej Oślizło, President of Develia

Due to the very high interest in purchasing flats, the selection of ready units is small and does not exceed 2%. Units for which you can pick up the keys right away are available in the Nowa Racławicka development in Wrocław, Mały Grochów in Warsaw, and in the Bastion Wałowa aparthotel in Gdańsk. We have a larger selection of units on offer in investments with a near completion date, by the end of this year. Due to high interest from buyers, their availability changes from day to day. Units are available for sale in the Między Parkami project in Wrocław, Słoneczne Miasteczko in Kraków and Osiedle na Woli in Warsaw.

Angelika Kliś, board member of Atal S.A.

The primary residential market is characterised by a tendency, maintained for years, to buy flats at early stages of construction. The decision is therefore based mainly on marketing materials, visualizations and plans of the units. As a rule, there are not many flats ready for handover or with a short waiting period for keys in the offer. They are usually very popular, because the clients can see the flat and the whole housing estate.

In the Katowice offer, in the Nowy Brynów investment, the last few flats are still available. These are three-room flats with an area of about 66 square metres at the price of PLN 6 thousand per square metre. In Cracow, ready-to-commission flats in the Atal Kliny Zacisze estate are on sale, with prices starting from 6 thousand zlotys per square meter. Among the completed projects in the capital, there are still free flats in the Nowa Grochowska development at prices of PLN 494,000 -1,104,000.

In Łódź, you can buy and collect keys to your flat at once in the second stage of the Apartamenty Drewnowska 43 project. The offer includes units of 67 sq.m. and 93 sq.m. at the price of PLN 5900 000. – 93 sq.m. at the price of PLN 5900-6400 per sq.m., and in the fourth stage of the Chojny Park investment, where the last flat of 103 sq.m. remains at the price of PLN 5600 per sq.m. In Wrocław, on the other hand, investment flats are available in the Krakowska 37 project, including, for example, a 43-square-metre flat with a 29-square-metre balcony for PLN 371,000 gross or a 47-square-metre flat with a 12-square-metre balcony for PLN 376,000 gross.

Cezary Grabowski, Sales and Marketing Director at Bouygues Immobilier Polska

We have such investments in Wrocław and Warsaw. In Wrocław, it is the prestigious Centreville apartment building, located by the Odra river and the Old Town. It offers unique, two-storey, multi-room flats from 104 sqm in size. Their special feature are terraces on both levels with a wonderful view of the city panorama.

In Warsaw, this is Forêt in Białołęka. Four-room flats of up to 81 sqm with balconies or terraces are available in this investment. A big advantage of Forêt is the estate’s green area with a rest and relaxation zone.

Both investments have an occupancy permit. Vitalité in Warsaw’s Wilanów district will also soon have its permit. This investment offers four-room flats, slightly larger than in Forêt, up to 94 sqm. Vitalité is an investment characterised by atypical common areas, including a gym and a SPA zone with a sauna and a jacuzzi. There will also be an outdoor recreation zone. Flats with close key collection are very popular, as they can be decorated soon after purchase to be lived in quickly.

Sebastian Barandziak, President of Dekpol Deweloper

Ready flats to be collected immediately are offered at the Nowe Rokitki development in Rokitki, located a short distance from the centre of Tczew. The sale includes three- and four-room flats with areas ranging from 66 sqm to 74 sqm at prices starting from PLN 341,000 gross. We also have several flats on offer in the Pastelowe Housing Estate, which will be completed in the coming weeks. The prices of the flats start from PLN 621 thousand, and their area is about 100 square metres.

Andrzej Gutowski, Vice-President, Sales and Marketing Director, Ronson Development

More and more people believe that investing in real estate is the safest investment of capital, especially in difficult times. This is the reason why we are currently witnessing a huge traffic on the market. Consequently, the number of flats available for immediate delivery in our offer is severely depleted. Single units are left in such projects as Nova Królikarnia, Miasto Moje III, Grunwald 2 in Poznań, and Panoramika V in Szczecin. Flats are selling out on a dime. Customers understand that nowadays, it is not always possible to buy a flat taking into account all the criteria that are most important to one’s self. The dwindling supply means that everything really sells out. Very quickly. The fastest, because around the middle of this year, ready flats will also be available in the Tulip Wilanów investment in Warsaw and Viva Jagodno in Wrocław.

Joanna Chojecka, sales and marketing director for Warsaw and Wrocław in Robyg SA.

Almost all flats in our investments are sold at the construction stage. Finished units constitute about 3 percent of the offer. Therefore, in some estates, it is possible to find single units for which it is possible to collect keys right away. In Warsaw, two- and three-room flats with delivery dates in the middle of this year are available in Ursus in the My Ursus project and in the nearby Tarchomin in the Życzliwa Praga estate. Prices of two-room flats with an area of 45 sqm start from PLN 384,710 in Tarchomin, up to PLN 505,000 for a three-room flat with an area of 63 sqm in Ursus.

In Wrocław, completed flats can be found in the Uroczysko project, where two-room flats with a separate kitchen of 53-55 sqm are priced from PLN 374,710 to PLN 388,360, and a three-room flat of 68 sqm for PLN 472,650. In the Wojszyckie Alejki project, we have one two-room flat of approx. 44 sqm for PLN 347,521 and flats with mezzanines of 59-92 sqm for PLN 404,610 – 626,910. In the Willa nad Potokiem development, two three-room flats with an area of 49 sqm and 64 sqm are available for PLN 408,934 – 513,360, as well as two-storey flats with an area of 51-97 sqm for PLN 358,175 – 644,910. In the Jagodno estate, where the keys will be issued in April, three-room flats with a surface area of 52-66 sq m are still available for PLN 415,276 – 499,000 and four-room flats with a surface area of 83 sq m for PLN 559,000.

Bogdan Borkowski, President of the Management Board of Waryński S.A. Holding Group

The Atol investment in Gdańsk is already completed, and the building obtained an occupancy permit. After signing a preliminary agreement with a 14-day payment period for customers financing the purchase with their own funds or a 60-day payment period for those using bank credit and paying 100 per cent of the price, customers can collect keys to the apartments and start adaptation works.

Adrian Potoczek, Sales and Marketing Director at Wawel Service

At present, customers can pick up keys to flats in the following investments: Lublańska Park, Lema II, Apartamenty Nowa Bonarka, as well as in the third stage of the Piasta Park project, which is a huge success with us. It is the most frequently selected investment from our offer. Smaller flats, with an area of 30-40 sq m are still selling very fast, so now you can find a wide range of more spacious flats, with an area of over 50 sq m at prices starting from 8500 zł/mkw. Recent months have shown that there is no single, leading trend. Both flats ready for handover and those for which customers have been waiting for a year or two are selling well.

Małgorzata Ostrowska, Director of Marketing and Sales Division in J.W. Construction Holding S.A.

You can immediately move in to the prestigious Apartamenty Jerozolimskie Invest apartment building at 216 Jerozolimskie Avenue in Warsaw. Investment units ready to move in, finished and furnished are offered at prices starting from PLN 269,000. The flats, ranging in size from 23 sqm to 60 sqm, consist of a living room with a kitchenette and a bathroom, while the larger ones have an additional bedroom. The building has a representative hall, reception, air-conditioning and underground garage. As for the interest in flats with a short delivery date, I confirm that they find buyers faster. Nevertheless, clients are divided into groups. Those who take advantage of the fact that in the presale period they can choose an apartment perfectly suited to their needs, which at this stage of the investment can usually be bought cheaper than at the final stage of construction, and those who are in favour of a flat with a short delivery date, especially if they finance the purchase with a loan. And there is yet another group of clients who are not captivated by catalogues and visualisations; they like to see a flat, check what the view from the window is like and have a short perspective to move in.

Michał Witkowski, Sales Director Lokum Deweloper S.A.

Currently, the Wrocław offer includes the last finished flats in the cosy Lokum Villa Nova housing estate. The project is located in a quiet neighbourhood, at Jaskółcza Street in Kowale, and its distinguishing features include low-rise buildings with a villa character and a green courtyard with a pergola and lush greenery.

Our next completed project, Lokum Vena, impresses with its combination of 19th century revitalised buildings with modern architecture. This unique premium investment is characterised by original interiors. It is located in the immediate vicinity of the historic Ostrów Tumski and Market Square, not far from Bema Square. Future residents will be able to freely enjoy the city’s rich cultural offer.

Soon, our offer of ready flats will be extended by other stages of two Krakow investments – Lokum Siesta and Lokum Vista. We plan to complete them by the end of the first quarter of this year. Consequently, handovers of flats will take place already in the second quarter of this year.

Both estates enjoy unflagging popularity among customers, mainly due to the functional layout of the flats, convenient location, and common areas full of greenery and relaxation zones. Very high interest in flats with a short delivery date is a trend we have been observing for a long time and it concerns both our Wrocław and Kraków investments.

Zuzanna Należyta, Commercial Director at Eco Classic

At the moment, we have over 300 flats on offer, some of which are already covered by reservation agreements, but these are units with a completion deadline of 2023. From the ready units we have only a few flats of the area of about 100 sq. m. in the Przy Arsenale project in the centre of Warsaw.

Janusz Miller, Sales and Marketing Director at Home Invest

We currently have two completed investments in Warsaw where customers can buy flats and collect keys immediately. In Wola, the last three- and four-room flats can be found in the investment Apartamenty Okopowa 59A, priced from PLN 795,000. In turn, in Targówek, in the Warszawski Świt development, the last ready-made three-room flats are waiting, which can be purchased from PLN 576,000. This is the last chance to buy ready-made flats, as during the pandemic there was an increased interest in completed projects, especially in larger flats.

Tomasz Czubak, Director of Development Project Preparation at Jakon   

At the moment we only have a few finished flats. They are available in the investments Ellada Park and Strzeszyn 2 in Poznań, Nowe Tarnowo in Tarnowo Podgórne and the last flats we have also in Kórnicka Street in Poznań. There is a slightly wider choice of apartments in the Jeleniogórska 4 investment in Poznań, which we plan to deliver in the middle of the year. For this reason, we see increased customer traffic there and therefore it is worth hurrying up with your decision. Our sales hit is invariably the Lwowska II investment, where only a few units are left on offer a year before completion.

Edyta Kołodziej, Sales and Marketing Director at Nickel Development

We are currently offering ready flats in our seaside investment Apartamenty Koło Brzegu, located in the Kołobrzeg district of Podczele. The premises are turnkey, furnished and equipped with basic household appliances. You can pick up the keys and move in immediately, regardless of whether you are thinking of just relaxing or settling in Kołobrzeg permanently. The last two quarters have shown very high interest in holiday flats. Also the beginning of this year and the new restrictions on renting have convinced many customers to purchase second home properties. In the offer of Apartments Koło Brzegu, 16 out of 96 flats with areas from 34 sqm are still available. Prices start from PLN 367 thousand.

Karolina Guzik, Sales Manager at Skanska housing company

All our investments sell very well. Each housing estate has a slightly different character, therefore each one appeals to buyers with different needs and preferences. If I were to name one investment which has recently enjoyed the greatest interest, it is the fourth stage of Jaśminowy Mokotów, which went on sale in January this year, and in February construction started already.

The purchase of a flat and immediate collection of keys is currently possible in the Park Skandynawia 2 and Jasmine Mokotów 3 estates, and in a few months also in the fourth stage of the Mickiewicza estate.

Agata Zambrzycka, Sales and Marketing Director at Aria Development

Osiedle Łomianki is such an investment. Keys to flats in this investment will be handed over this spring. There are still 29 flats on offer, with areas ranging from 36 m2 to 102 m2. In the promotion we are planning, prices of the largest flats in this project will start from 4 999 PLN/sq.m. Cosy housing estate in the vicinity of Kampinoski National Park, half an hour to the centre of Warsaw, 20 minutes to Młociny metro station and attractive prices are the most important advantages of Osiedle Łomianki. The flats, which are close to completion, are obviously very popular with customers.

Mariola Żak, marketing and sales director at Aurec Home

Aurec Home is currently developing the Miasteczko Jutrzenki investment at Jutrzenki street in Warsaw. The construction of the first and second stage of the estate is in progress. Collections of flats from the first stage are planned for the second quarter of 2022. The estate is very popular.  Within six months we sold over 70 percent of the flats. Clients appreciate the cosy character of the estate, attention to detail of common spaces and the functional arrangement of flats.

Most customers are interested in two-room flats of 38-40 sqm. Due to the pandemic, three- and four-room flats overlooking the green, recreational part of the estate with fountains are also selling very well. We observe that customers have started to appreciate the contact with nature more. The prices of flats range from PLN 8 800 to PLN 12 200 per square metre.


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