How much do the cheapest new flats cost?

Develia Wroclaw Mist House

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At what price can we find the cheapest flats offered by developers? In which investments? What is their surface area? A survey was conducted by the real estate website 

Andrzej Oślizło, President of Develia

The cheapest flats in Develia’s offer, priced from 210 thousand PLN, are available in the Słoneczne Miasteczko development in Krakow. Flats starting from PLN 260,000 are available in the Ceglana Park development in Katowice. Prices of flats in the Wrocław and Gdańsk projects start at PLN 300,000. The offer applies to the smallest units.

Cezary Grabowski, Sales and Marketing Director at Bouygues Immobilier Polska

We currently have studio flats available in Warsaw and Wrocław. The cheapest units in these cities are located in the Essentiel Talarowa development in the Warsaw district of Białołęka and in Le Vert in the Wrocław district of Pilczyce. The former investment is under construction, while the latter is before the start of construction, but already on sale.

The cheapest one-room apartment of 30 sqm. in an intimate building in Le Vert investment costs over PLN 278 thousand. In Essentiel Talarowa, one-room flats of less than 29 sqm are available for just over PLN 279 thousand. This investment is distinguished by ecological elements such as photovoltaic panels, rainwater collection system, charging stations for electric vehicles or white roof sheathing.

Angelika Kliś, board member of Atal 

Among the housing estates we have on offer in the Silesian agglomeration, the cheapest flat is available in the Karolinki Apartments project in Gliwice. A two-room apartment with an area of 43 sq m is priced at over PLN 272 thousand. In Wrocław, the least expensive apartment, with an area of 33 sq.m. and a balcony of over 5 sq.m., is available in the Nowe Miasto Jagodno development, for just PLN 247,944. Larger flats in this investment also have attractive prices. The cheapest two of 43 sqm and three of 56 sqm with spacious balconies can be purchased for over 315 thousand zlotys and 393 thousand zlotys, respectively.

In Cracow, in the Atal Kliny Zacisze investment, a two-room flat with an area of almost 42 sqm can be bought for over PLN 293 thousand. In the Poznań offer of Atal Warta Towers, a 51-square-metre flat is available for PLN 388 thousand.

In Warsaw, the cheapest flat can be found in the Osiedle Poematu investment. A flat with an area of over 36 sq. m costs slightly more than PLN 324 thousand. In Łódź, the cheapest flat is a studio of 31 sq. m, which is on offer for 235 thousand zlotys.

Joanna Chojecka, Sales and Marketing Director for Warsaw and Wrocław at Robyg SA.

We offer the most attractively priced flats in Warsaw and Wrocław. In the investment Osiedle Życzliwa Praga in the Warsaw district of Tarchomin, the cheapest three-room flat without a garage costs over 426 thousand zlotys. On the other hand, a two-room apartment in this estate can be purchased for more than PLN 334,000. The offer also includes micro-apartments with an area of over 17 square metres at the price of PLN 197,780.

In Wrocław, in the Roby Jagodno investment, we offer flats starting from PLN 6200/mkw. A flat with an area of about 67 sq.m. can be bought for PLN 415,000. In the Wrocław Uroczysko III project, we have on sale a unit with an area of about 32 sq.m., priced at over PLN 245,000.

Sebastian Barandziak, President of Dekpol Deweloper

The cheapest flats are currently offered at Osiedle Kociewskie and Nowe Rokitki located near Tczew for the price from 167 thousand zlotys gross. The flats available for sale range from 27 sqm to 66 sqm.

Małgorzata Ostrowska, Director of Marketing and Sales Division in J.W. Construction Holding S.A.

In Osiedle Nowe Tysiąclecie in the centre of Katowice, the construction of which we have already completed, the last four flats from the pool of 345 flats remain. The smallest of them, measuring over 48 square metres, costs over PLN 423 thousand. The offer in the Hanza Tower building in Szczecin, whose construction will be completed this year, is also shrinking. The smallest flat of almost 30 sq.m. is available at the price of over PLN 291,000,000.

Soon we will begin construction of the Stacja Centrum housing estate in Pruszków, where nearly 450 flats will be put into use. The cheapest flat with an area exceeding 32 sq.m. in this investment costs PLN 303,000. In the prestigious investment Osiedle Horizon in Gdańsk, the construction of which will soon be launched as we have just obtained the legally binding permit, a flat of 35 sq. m. costs PLN 345 thousand. In the Bliska Wola Tower in Warsaw, the smallest flat of 27.5 square metres is offered at the price of PLN 385 thousand.

Michał Witkowski, Sales Director at Lokum Deweloper S.A.

Our offer includes flats and flats of various prices and areas. In Wroclaw, we offer some of the most attractively priced flats in the Lokum Verde investment. It is an extraordinary estate with a garden and courtyards full of trees, shrubs and relaxation zones, located away from the hustle and bustle in Wrocław’s Zakrzów district. The investment is an excellent choice for those who appreciate the proximity of nature and friendly surroundings. Prices start from PLN 289,000.

Lokum Monte is located in Sobótka near Wrocław, next to the Landscape Park. Its unique location, high standard and private wellness zone make it an ideal place to live, spend free time or work remotely. Comfortable flats in this estate are available from 279 thousand zlotys.

In Cracow, flats from our offer can be purchased from 339 thousand zlotys. in the Lokum Vista investment. Located in Krakow’s Podgórze Duchackie, the estate is an ideal solution for those who want to enjoy the convenience of living in the city centre, but at the same time appreciate peace and quiet.

In all our investments, we systematically introduce attractive promotions, which are an additional bonus and meet the interest of future residents.

Adrian Potoczek, Sales and Marketing Director at Wawel Service

In our offer, the customers will find the cheapest flats in the Krakow investment Piasta Park with the following metric areas: 29 sq. m. – 33 sq. m. Prices start from 270 thousand PLN. It is a perfect solution for young couples and singles. The estate is located in Piast Kołodziej Street, close to the Mistrzejowice Park and green areas. It offers large, attractive, recreational areas in the neighbourhood. As a result, residents can spend time actively outdoors, close to their homes.

Tomasz Czubak, Development Projects Director at Jakon

We have a wide range of apartments in our investments. Buyers will find the cheapest flats in the Pod Skarpą investment in Bydgoszcz, priced from PLN 165,000. These are studios of 29 square metres. In Poznań investments, clients can buy flats priced at PLN 275,000 for 34 sq. m. in the second stage of the Kórnicka investment on Lwowska street. Flats are also available below PLN 300,000 in the cosy investment at Jeleniogórska Street in Poznań. I think that every customer of our company will find something interesting in our offer.

Mariola Żak, Marketing and Sales Director of Aurec Home

We are currently implementing the first two stages of the Miasteczko Jutrzenki estate in the Włochy district of Warsaw. The estate is very popular among customers. Over 70 per cent of the flats from the first stage were sold within six months, with 20 sales agreements signed every month. The flats in Miasteczko Jutrzenki range in size from 38 sqm to 90 sqm. A square metre costs from PLN 8800 to 12 200. Aurec Home’s operating philosophy is to combine a high standard of construction with affordable prices.

Edyta Kołodziej, Sales and Marketing Director at Nickel Development

The lowest price in our offer has a flat from the ST_ART Piątkowo investment, i.e. a 15-storey skyscraper located in a well-communicated northern district of Poznań, from which it takes its name. It is a 34-metre studio apartment priced at over 290 thousand PLN.

On the other hand, in Dąbrówka near Poznań, we offer a three-room flat of 65 sq. m. in a low-rise multi-family house for over 382 thousand zlotys. We also offer holiday flats in the Apartamenty Koło Brzegu investment. The premises are available for purchase at prices starting from over 367 thousand zloty for a two-room flat of 34 sqm.

Agata Zambrzycka, Sales and Marketing Director at Aria Development

Our cheapest flats are available in the offer of the New Natura 2 Estate in Wieliszew near Warsaw. For only PLN 181 thousand one can become an owner of a flat with an area of over 29 square metres. The estate is located on the border of Wieliszew, forest areas and the Zegrzyński Reservoir. Easy access to the centre of Warsaw, thanks to the Fast Urban Railway, and rich infrastructure in the neighbourhood make this location extremely popular today among people looking for a new flat near the capital. The Natura 2 estate will be equipped with underground garages, lifts and the Aria Eco Smart package, where common areas will be supported by energy from photovoltaic panels, and smart systems will be installed in the flats, allowing for remote and intelligent management of flat functions. Within two months we sold nearly 50 percent of the flats in the first stage of the project.

Zuzanna Należyta, Commercial Director at Eco Classic

At the end of 2020, we started pre-sales of flats in the new stages of the Wolne Miasto investment in Gdańsk and Moja Północna in Warsaw’s Tarchomin, which went unexpectedly well. The cheapest flats have already been sold. In the offer of the Gdańsk-based Wolne Miasto, we still have two-room flats with an area of over 30 sqm, priced at 285 thousand PLN. For less than 244 thousand zlotys, you can buy a flat of over 25 sq.m. in the investment Moja Północna in Warsaw.


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