Implementation of CPK with further obstacles 

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The company Centralny Port Komunikacyjny has opened tenders for a technical, economic and environmental study (STES) for a new railway line no. 29 on the section Ostroleka-Lomża-Pisz-Orzysz-Gizycko.  

The aim of the study is to prepare documentation and to indicate the recommended route of the railway line. Of the six companies which took part in the tender, the offers of each of them significantly exceeded the intended budget of PLN 11.100m gross.  

List of offers: 

  • Consortium of Egis Polska, Egis Rail, Jaf-Geotechnika – PLN 24.779m gross, 
  • BBF – PLN 30.012m gross, 
  • Consortium of Voessing Polska and Instytut Kolejnictwa – PLN 33.573m gross, 
  • Databout – PLN 37.786m gross,  
  • Consortium of Transprojekt Gdański, Multiconsult Polska, Arcadis and IDOM Inżynieria, Architektura i Doradztwo – PLN 39.975 gross,
  • TPF – PLN 73.772m gross. 

If the contracting authority decides to increase the budget, the choice will be made on the basis of the price (70%) and staff experience (30%). The deadline for the works is 584 days, i.e. just over 19 months.  

CPK has launched tenders for EES studies for more than 700km of lines, with all bids submitted for line studies significantly exceeding the contracting authority’s budget.  

Better results were achieved with the opening of bids for a study of the construction of CPK’s rail hub in the area of the future airport, where one bid came in under budget, and for the design documentation of the HSR tunnel under Łódź (the second under that city), where most bids are below budget.  

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