In which housing estates do investors buy apartments?

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Which housing projects are of particular interest to those who invest their financial surpluses in property? Which apartments do they choose most often? At what price? The survey was conducted by real estate service.

Mirosław Kujawski, Member of the Management Board of Develia S.A.

Persons who invest their financial surpluses in flats most often choose flats of the smallest size, especially one-room flats. In a period of growing inflation, this is an attractive alternative to low-interest deposits for investors. Investments in small flats are most advantageous due to lower required own contribution and finishing costs of the flat and higher achievable profitability in comparison to large-size flats. Flats in investments are of greatest interest to investors: The Wola housing estate in Warsaw, Kamienna 145 in Wrocław, Przy Mogilskiej in Kraków, Baltea Apartments in Gdańsk and the second stage of Ceglana Park in Katowice. Prices of apartments vary from city to city and start from 250 thousand PLN.

Zbigniew Juroszek, President of Atal

Investors looking for apartments for rent usually decide on the smallest units, mainly functionally designed studios or two-room flats of compact size. They choose investments in city centres or well-connected with them. We offer a number of projects with investment apartments of aparthotel character, which future buyers will be able to rent on their own. In the Tri-City such units are available in two investments – Atal Baltica Towers, located at Gen. Hallera Avenue, 800 metres from the Gulf of Gdańsk, and Modern Tower under construction in Gdynia at Kazimierza Górskiego Street, near the Gdynia business centre.

We also have projects with investment premises in Warsaw. In Praga Południe, near the main communication routes of right-bank Warsaw, Nowa Grochowska Mikroapartamenty Inwestycyjne is under construction, and the project Nowy Targówek Mikroapartamenty Inwestycyjne is located in the vicinity of the newly opened station of the second underground line.

In Wroclaw there are units on sale in Krakowska 37 Apartamenty Inwestycyjne. In Kraków we are building Bagry Park Apartamenty Inwestycyjne. Apart from that, we are carrying out attractive investments located in the city centres, such as the Sokolska 30 Towers project in Katowice, the prestigious Atal Residence estate under construction in Zabłocie in Kraków, or the Chwaliszewo residence in Poznań, which are equally interesting for investors.

Małgorzata Ostrowska, Board Member and Director of Marketing and Sales Division in J.W. Construction Holding S.A.

Certainly, those wishing to invest in real estate are now attracted most by our prestigious investment, the Close Wola Tower, which will be the largest residential building in Warsaw. The three-headed skyscraper will be 92 meters high and 27 storeys above ground and a four-storey car park. From the upper floors there will be a spectacular view of the centre of Warsaw. In October this year the building will reach its target height and will be delivered in the second half of 2021. The project includes the development of 1500 units, a shopping and service arcade and a two-storey catering section and an office section with an area of less than 10 thousand square metres. Investors usually choose one- or two-room apartments with a small area of up to PLN 500,000.

Those looking for premises in premium properties, with high profitability, distinguished by good location and standard, are also interested in ready-made premises for rent in the Jerozolimskie Invest apartment building. It is a facility with a reception and underground car park and convenient connection to the entrance roads to Warsaw, located 9 minutes drive from Okęcie airport. The air-conditioned, modern, elegant, fashionable and functionally furnished premises can be bought here for 275.5 thousand PLN.

Sebastian Barandziak, CEO of Dekpol Developer

Due to the diversified offer of premises in terms of location and physical parameters, as well as the investment character, it is difficult to assess which of our investments enjoys the greatest popularity. Some customers are looking for small areas in typical housing projects, such as our Zielone Housing Estate or Pastel Estate, in order to rent out long-term and take advantage of it. It should be noted, however, that we are also very interested in our Grano Residence project in the heart of Gdańsk, which impresses with its unique architecture and two-component formula – residential apartments and a condo hotel. The Sol Marina project is also interesting for investors thanks to the only marina in Poland, providing apartment buyers with the opportunity to buy a private berth for yachts and motor boats.

Within the framework of the above mentioned investments, clients choose mainly premises with a beautiful view, sunny, with a functional layout ensuring the possibility of arranging a spacious living zone, as well as a comfortable sleeping area – in the case of premises selected for living or having a utility program allowing for maximum use of the space for accommodation location – in the case of premises selected for rent.

Janusz Miller, Sales and Marketing Director of Home Invest

The investments which are located in very good locations, especially in the vicinity of the underground station, are the most popular among those who have financial surpluses to buy apartments. Such projects are considered to be the safest because customers are convinced that in the long run they will not lose value, because they will always be willing to rent a flat in such locations. We are currently developing two such projects, which are located within 5 minutes on foot from the underground. The first one is Metro Park in Bielany near Słodowiec station and the second one is Oszmiańska 20 Apartments near Targówek Mieszkaniowy station. The most popular are one- and two-room apartments. Prices start from 267 thousand PLN.

Joanna Chojecka, Sales and Marketing Director for Warsaw and Wroclaw in Robyg SA.

In all the investments we note the interest of investors, who place financial surpluses. Especially in the current situation, when interest rates are low and investing capital in financial instruments or bank deposits is characterized by a low rate of return.

Especially for young people or those looking for investments, we offer a new format of premises – Modern Space microapartments in the vicinity of the City Sfera project in Warsaw’s Włochy. The two Modern Space buildings will house 402 units ranging in size from 17 to 39 sqm. On the ground floor there will be service outlets and shops, and on the first floor there will be space for, among others, a medical centre. A reception desk with a porter, monitoring and security services ensure safety, and a zone of generally available services such as laundry, drying room, fitness and office space raise the standard of investment. The location close to business centres guarantees an excellent rate of return. The possibility of turnkey finishing and VAT deduction are another advantage of Modern Space. It is an ideal investment in terms of capital investment. The first offer of flats in Warsaw in the most sought-after, small size and such a high standard of finishing and a package of additional services.

Eryk Nalberczyński, Sales Director at Lokum Deweloper

The investors are mainly interested in smaller flats – about 30 sq.m, located close to the centre or in well-connected parts of the city. Our offer for a group of investment buyers is unique in the Lokum Vena housing estate in the heart of Wrocław. This project combines an excellent location near Ostrów Tumski with a unique architectural setting in the form of renovated historical buildings. As part of the ongoing promotion, an apartment with an area of about 30 sq. m can be bought in this investment for less than PLN 400,000.

Another attractive option for investors are units in the Lokum Porto estate, which will be built near the Oder River in Wrocław’s Old Town. Prices of flats of about 30 sq. m start from 320 thousand PLN there.

An interesting offer on the Krakow market is the flats in the Lokum Salsa development, which is being developed in Zabłocie, near Vistula Boulevards and Kazimierz. The units with an area of over 70 sq.m have been designed in such a way that they can be easily divided into smaller units. Thanks to that, within one purchase, you can gain 2 or even 3 independent flats with an area ranging from 21 to 42 sqm. Due to the attractive location and functional arrangement of flats, our Krakow projects – Lokum Siesta and Lokum Vista – are also popular among buyers looking for real estate for lease.

Monika Perekitko, Member of the Management Board of Matexi Poland

For many months or even years we have seen a lot of interest from clients who invest their financial surpluses in apartments. This is of course due to very low interest rates on bank deposits, for which investment in a flat is a very reasonable alternative. In connection with another reduction of deposit interest rates, we expect this trend to consolidate. As far as the interest in specific investments is concerned, we see a similar, high share of cash customers in each of the currently implemented projects. Interest is evenly distributed between larger, three- and four-room flats in the Warsaw investment Na Bielany and smaller, one- and two-room flats in Omulewska 26. We attach great importance to the selection of attractive and prospective locations, so that the flats we build constitute an attractive, long-term capital investment.

Edyta Kołodziej, Sales and Marketing Director at Nickel Development

The most popular among investors are the flats and apartments in the Poznań investment ST_ART Piątkowo, located at Lechicka Street. The largest number of inquiries concerns flats with an area of up to 45 sq.m.

Zuzanna Należyta, Commercial Director at Eco Classic

Our building in the vicinity of Warsaw’s Old Town – Apartamenty Przy Arsenale, which is located 300 meters from Krasińskich Park, 700 meters from Warsaw’s Old Town and the Grand Theatre, 400 meters from Bank Square, is of particular interest to investment clients. The most important feature of the property is its location, and in the case of Apartamenty Przy Arsenale the location is unique.

Jarosław Kozak, Vice-President of the Management Board of Waryński S.A. Holding Group

The Atoll investment in Gdansk is designed for people who want to invest their financial surpluses in real estate. The advantage of the offer is the high standard of finishing and space planning, which meets the needs of short and long term rental. Customers prefer small flats or investment units with 23% VAT. A big advantage of the investment is easy to arrange studios of 50 – 60 sq. m.

Agata Zambrzycka, Sales and Marketing Director at Aria Development

In our investments, both in Wieliszew and Łomianki, the target group are people who want to live far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, surrounded by greenery, valuing ecological and intelligent solutions. A small percentage of buyers are typically investment customers, who most often buy premises with an area of up to 40 sqm. Such flats in our projects have already been sold, but we are starting a new project – the Natura 2 Estate in Wieliszew. The offer will include 230 flats ranging in size from 29 sqm to 73 sqm with lifts, underground garages and ARIA Eco Smart solutions. Investment clients will find interesting proposals among them.

Karolina Guzik, sales manager in Skanska housing company

Undoubtedly, our investments in Warsaw’s Mokotów district, i.e. Holm House and Jaśminowy Mokotów, enjoy the greatest interest. They constitute the majority of recently sold apartments. This is mainly due to the location of our housing estates. On the one hand, the proximity to the business heart of Warsaw, good access to the city centre and other districts, and on the other hand to quiet green areas, which allow for relaxation and constant contact with nature. As far as the size of the apartment is concerned, three-room apartments are the most popular, although in the last month we have also seen an increase in interest in two-room apartments.

Cezary Grabowski, Sales and Marketing Director at Bouygues Immobilier Polska

In recent months, we have seen a significant increase in the number of people who invest their financial surpluses in real estate purchases. The analysis of our sales this year shows that the share of clients financing the purchase from their own funds is about 60%.

It is worth noting that our offer includes a large number of apartments that meet the requirements of investors, great for rent. In Wrocław, we are developing an investment called Zajezdnia Wrocław on the climatic Nadodrze River, which is dominated by one-room studio flats with an area ranging from 27 to 32 sq m. Prices start from PLN 269,900. We have also designed several-room apartments of up to 56 sqm, as well as service and commercial premises, a residents’ club and a garage hall.


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