In which housing estates were we most willing to choose apartments in 2019?


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Which residential projects were most popular among buyers last year? The survey was conducted by real estate service.

Mirosław Kujawski, Member of the Management Board of Develia S.A.

The company conducts sales in 15 different projects, implemented in five cities in Poland. In 2019, the most popular among customers was the Na Woli Housing Estate, where over 260 apartments were sold. It is currently one of the largest investments carried out by the company, located in Warsaw, particularly desired by customers and characterized by high market absorption. Sales at the level of 170-180 flats were also recorded in the projects Kamienna 145 in Wrocław, Słoneczne Miasteczko in Kraków, and Świętokrzyska Park in Gdańsk.

Zbigniew Juroszek, President of Atal

We are currently conducting about 50 investments in seven cities in Poland. It is difficult to identify one leading project. There is a lot of interest in individual cities: Sokolska 30 Towers in Katowice, Atal Warta Towers in Poznań, Modern Tower in Gdynia, Centro Ursus in Warsaw, Atal Aleja Pokoju in Kraków, Drewnowska 43 Apartments in Łódź and Nowe Miasto Różanka in Wrocław.

Małgorzata Ostrowska, Member of the Management Board and Director of Marketing and Sales Division in J.W. Construction Holding S.A.

Our premium segment investments in Warsaw and Szczecin attracted the greatest interest of our customers. Both investments are in line with the “I live where I work” trend. For investors it is also a safe capital investment and a secure, stable profit. In Warsaw it is Bliska Wola Tower, a modern skyscraper, which is the culmination of our flagship investment – Osiedle Bliska Wola, which has been a sales hit since 2017, winning the “TOP 10 best housing estates” ranking. The Near Wola Tower, already famous for its three towers, the highest of which will reach 27 floors, is one of the most spectacular facilities, where a total of about 5 thousand flats, apartments, office and retail and service spaces will be built, as well as recreational space (premises for a fitness club) and a four-storey garage section.

The attention of Szczecin’s customers was focused around the Hansa Tower, the most awaited facility in the city centre, where, apart from the residential area of 22,000 sq.m. (480 units), office, retail and service functions were planned, and under the building – three garage and underground storeys. Residents of the Hansa Tower will be able to use common areas, including a swimming pool with a relaxation zone and sauna facilities, and a viewing terrace on the top 27th floor, the tallest building in Szczecin.

Wojciech Duda, Vice-President of Duda Development

Diasfera Łódzka, our first large investment outside of Wielkopolska and at the same time our largest residential project, recorded very high sales this year. The Nowe Złotniki housing estate near Poznań and the modern Fyrtel Wilda tenement house in Poznań, where we have already sold 90% of our flats, also attracted considerable interest.

Janusz Miller, Sales and Marketing Director of Home Invest

In 2019, the most popular was the Warsaw Świt investment in the Targówek district. Very good location and reasonable prices made customers willing to buy an apartment in this investment. It is worth noting that the entire infrastructure necessary for everyday life is located near the estate. Besides, Warszawski Świt is being built only 800 meters from the Bródno metro station. In 2020 we plan to start construction of next stages of this project.

Eryk Nalberczyński, Sales Director at Lokum Deweloper

Last year, the Lokum di Trevi estate met with the greatest interest of our customers. Its last, 10th stage was commissioned at the beginning of 2020. Located in the Tarnogaj district of Wrocław, the investment has been highly appreciated by buyers for years, quickly becoming one of the most popular housing estates in Wrocław. This was due to a number of factors, which certainly include an excellent location near Armii Krajowej, Bardzka and Krakowska streets and a well developed public transport network. The estate is also characterized by high quality of buildings and flats, varied size and functional interior arrangement tailored to the needs of different groups of customers. An important advantage is the increased standard of common areas. They are created by attractively arranged courtyards with fountains, lush vegetation, elegant small architecture, recreation areas and safe playgrounds. The Lokum di Trevi housing estate was built on a 10-hectare site after former industrial plants and wholesalers. Successive revitalisation has turned it into a vibrant urban space that serves its residents.

Agnieszka Jaworska-Goździewska, Marketing and PR Manager at Nickel Development

Taking into account the number of concluded developer and blockade agreements, ST_ART Friday was definitely our bestseller of 2019. It is an investment responding to the needs of a wide range of customers. Starting from young people who are looking for their first starter apartment, through families of different sizes, including those who need more space, to mature people who return to the city after selling their home in the suburbs. Very good access to the city centre thanks to the proximity of a fast tram line, a housing estate with shops, clinics, pharmacies, playgrounds and services needed on a daily basis, as well as a beautiful view of the panorama of Poznań from the apartments on the upper floors. All this contributes to a good reception of the investment among customers, who also include investors buying apartments for rent.

Zuzanna Nalezyta, Sales Director at Eco Classic

We sold most of our premises in our investment in the Free City in Gdańsk. This was probably due to the fact that in 2019 we completed the fifth stage of this project and customers were more willing to buy premises in an almost finished building. The remaining two investments were put on sale in spring 2019 and their construction will be completed only at the end of this year. Nevertheless, in the investments Przy Arsenale and Moja Północna, sales have already reached 50%.

Jarosław Kozak, Vice-President of Waryński S.A. Holding Group

In 2019, the investments of the City of Wola and Kazimierz Station attracted great interest of customers. Excellent location in a secluded area of the fastest growing part of Warsaw’s Wola attracts buyers.

Andrzej Gutowski, Vice-President of Ronson Development, Sales and Marketing Director

As predicted, the largest share in our annual sales results had the Warsaw project My City, which has been our bestseller since the beginning. Out of 761 units sold in total in 2019, as many as 156 were located in this project in Warsaw’s Białołęka district. The reasons are clear to us. The My Town estate is very well connected with the city centre thanks to the nearby railway station. The flats are available at much more favourable prices than in central districts of Warsaw. In stage IV, which is currently under construction, a two-room apartment can be bought for PLN 250,000. It is also worth noting the city-forming character of the estate, in the centre of which the Vistula River Passage is located. In this way, we have tried to provide residents with both recreation areas and all the shops and services they need on a daily basis.

Two other hit projects are Grunwald2 in Poznań and Ursus Centralny in Warsaw. In 2019, we sold 124 and 91 apartments in them respectively. The sales potential of Ursus Central is much higher. Last year’s result only covers the second half of the year. We assume that this year the sales of flats in this project will be significantly higher.

Aleksandra Goller, Sales and Marketing Director at Skanska Housing Company

Each of our investments is profiled for a different group of clients, hence it is difficult to distinguish the leading housing estate. We pay great attention to universal construction and aspects related to health care and everyday comfort. This applies, on the one hand, to strictly residential space – for example, in the apartments being constructed at the Mickiewicza 4 and Holm House 3 Estate, we will install anti-smog and anti-allergenic ventilators integrated with windows. On the other hand, our ambitions reach further than the walls of the buildings, so we plant greenery with increased air filtration efficiency among them, arrange green inner courtyards, create parks.

Wojciech Chotkowski, President of the Board of Aria Development

Our projects Osiedle Natura in Wieliszew and Osiedle Łomianki are still of great interest. The first investment is located near the Zegrzyński Lagoon, in the immediate vicinity of the forest and the SKM railway. Low rents, energy efficiency and some of the lowest prices on the capital’s market made the apartments sell well. A small pool of flats from 4290 PLN/sq.m/month has remained on offer. In Osiedle Łomianki the sale of flats from the first stage is slowly coming to an end and the sale of flats to be constructed in the second stage has begun. The neighborhood of Puszcza Kampinoska, 15 minutes to the metro station, smart flats, photovoltaics of common areas, low rental rates, some flats with spacious mezzanines and prices starting from PLN 5150 sq.m/month, are now available for sale. – This is how the estate can be described in short.

Sebastian Barandziak, President of the Management Board of Dekpol Deweloper

Our biggest project, which had the biggest share in sales last year, is Osiedle Pastelowe located in Gdańsk Łostowice. The investment consists of three buildings with a total of 180 apartments. The next best investments in terms of sales volume were Osiedle Nowe Rokitki in Rokitki near Tczew and Grano Residence in the centre of Gdańsk. The investment in Gdańska Morena, i.e. Osiedle Foresta, and the prestigious Sol Marina apartment complex with its own yacht marina were also very popular.

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