Investments from the Programme for the Construction of 100 Ring Roads in Podlaskie Voivodeship are launched

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The Minister of Infrastructure Andrzej Adamczyk approved Investment Programmes for the bypasses of Suchowola, Sztabina and Białobrzegi in the Podlaskie Province. These tasks were included in the Programme for the construction of 100 bypasses. As part of the investment, new sections of GP class road (the main one with accelerated traffic) will be constructed in the course of national road No. 8 with a total length of almost 25 km. Additionally, the Minister of Infrastructure agreed on an annex to the Investment Programme for the task including the construction of a section of the S61 Suwalki – Budzisko expressway.

– National Road No. 8 is one of the most heavily trafficked routes in Poland. Residents of the towns, through which it runs, have to deal with the effects of heavy traffic – fumes, noise and congestion on a daily basis. The construction of bypasses will improve the safety and comfort of life in these localities,” said Andrzej Adamczyk, Minister of Infrastructure.

Suchowola, Sztabina and Białobrzegi bypasses

The main purpose of the construction of the bypasses of Suchowola, Sztabin and Białobrzegi is to lead the traffic out of the centres of these towns, which is currently carried out on national road No. 8. This action is an element of a wider undertaking, which will be the reconstruction of the entire section of national road No. 8 from Suchowola to Augustów.

Thanks to the construction of bypasses, the safety of residents will be improved, the traffic system will be relieved and the capacity of national road No. 8 between Białystok and Augustów will be increased. The investments will also improve the conditions and safety of long-distance and regional traffic on the road Białystok – state border. The bypasses will constitute an important element of the transport system of Podlasie, as well as a supplement to the implemented Via Carpatia route. At the same time, the highest requirements for environmental protection, health and life of the residents and sustainable development will be maintained.

The 15.3 km long Suchowola bypass was designed on the eastern side of the village, in a new trace. The road will also bypass smaller towns such as Zagórze, Wysokie, Skindzierz and Chodorówka Nowa.

The 4.5 km long Sztabina bypass will bypass the existing buildings on the north-eastern side of the current DK8 route.

The 5 km long Białobrzegi bypass will also bypass the town on the north-eastern side.

Environmental decisions have been obtained for these tasks, and currently program concepts are being developed. In the case of the Suchowola and Sztabina bypasses, tenders for the selection of contractors are planned to be announced this year and the construction works will be carried out in the years 2023-2025. The announcement of the tender for the selection of the contractor for the Białobrzegi bypass is planned in the 3rd quarter of 2021 and the construction works will be carried out in the years 2024-2027.

S61 Suwałki – Budzisko

The Annex to the Investment Programme for S61 Suwałki – Budzisko provides for an increase in the value of the task by PLN 22 million, which results from updating the costs related to the payment of compensation for real estate taken over for the needs of road construction.

This task covers the construction of 24.1 km of an express road from the end of the Suwalki – Budzisko ring road to the state border. The task will include the construction of road junctions: Suwałki Północ and Szypliszki, the technical infrastructure will be rebuilt and access roads will be built to provide local connections and environmental protection facilities.

The S61 expressway in this section is part of two international transport corridors – Via Baltica and Via Carpatia. The realisation of this section is important for local, national and international traffic.

Programme for the construction of 100 ring roads in the Podlaskie Voivodeship:

A total of 5 bypasses will be built in Podlasie:

– Suchowola bypass in the course of national road No. 8,
– Sztabina bypass on national road 8,
– Bypass of Białobrzegi within the national road No. 8,
– The Augustów bypass within the national road no. 16,
– Zambrów ring road within national roads No. 63 and 66.

Within the framework of the governmental Programme, 100 bypasses will be built on the national road network with a total length of about 820 km by 2030. These will be routes with the highest technical parameters, adapted to carry a load of 11.5 t/axis. These investments will be accompanied by road traffic safety equipment, including lighting that meets the guidelines for proper lighting of pedestrian crossings.

The cost of the implementation of 100 ring roads has been estimated at nearly PLN 28 billion. Their construction will be financed by the National Road Fund managed by Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego. Investments related to the construction of new ring roads will be carried out by the General Director of National Roads and Motorways.

One of the most important effects of the programme’s implementation will be the improvement of road traffic safety, getting traffic out of congested cities, cleaner air, less noise and improved capacity of the road network.

More about the Programme for the construction of 100 ring roads is available on the website of the Ministry of Infrastructure.

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