Is housing on the outskirts of cities popular?

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Has there been recently more interest in buying flats in developments on the outskirts of cities? What are the prices of flats in outlying districts compared to those in the centre? Do companies plan to develop projects on the outskirts of major cities? What investments do they plan to launch this year? The poll was conducted by the real estate website

Andrzej Oślizło, President of Develia S.A.

Due to the rising prices of flats, especially in the central districts of large cities, there is a growing interest in projects located on the outskirts, where the cost of purchasing real estate is much lower. For example, in Kraków, in the Słoneczne Miasteczko project, you can buy a flat for as little as PLN 5,100 per square metre, while the average for the entire city exceeds PLN 10,000 per square metre. We always try to have offers from different price ranges. In each city where we are present, apart from Katowice, we always carry out from two to five investments of varied standards in order to provide our customers with the widest possible choice. We have just started selling flats in the Szmaragdowy Park investment in Łostowice in Gdańsk. Over the next two months we plan to launch about five more new investments.

Zbigniew Juroszek, CEO of Atal 

We are observing a growing interest of customers in investments away from the centre, located in the suburbs. This is a nationwide trend that applies to all agglomerations in which we are present. Our observations show that the decision to move to the outskirts of cities is usually accompanied by the search for larger and more comfortable living space, peaceful and green surroundings, as well as economic motivation. As a rule, flats on the outskirts of agglomerations and in outer districts are much cheaper than those located in the very centre. For example, in our investments in Katowice, the price difference between the flats located in Bronowice and those in the city centre, on Sokolska Street, reaches 29 percent. Comparing the prices of three-room flats in our two investments in Łódź – Nowe Miasto Polesie and Apartamenty Drewnowska 43, a project developed in a prestigious location, right next to Manufaktura, the price difference is within the range of 8-14 percent.

Location is still the most important factor influencing the price of a flat, but the rates are also due to differences in the standard of finish. Functionally designed investments with a high standard and attractive common spaces where there is room for greenery affect the comfort of living, and this attracts residents even to peripheral locations.

Zuzanna Należyta, Commercial Director at Eco Classic

For about two years now we have been observing growing interest in flats in every market segment. Flats in Warsaw’s Śródmieście district in the Przy Arsenale investment have been selling at almost the same pace, as have flats from the popular My Północna segment in Warsaw’s Tarchomin or the Free City in Gdańsk. Despite successive price rises, interest in investing in real estate continues to grow. Taking our Warsaw offer as an example, we can see that the price of a sq.m. flat in Śródmieście Warsaw is twice as high as the price of a unit of a comparable size in Tarchomin Warsaw – PLN 18,800 gross and PLN 9,200 gross, respectively.

Małgorzata Ostrowska, Director of Marketing and Sales Division in J.W. Construction Holding S.A.

We offer flats in downtown districts or districts adjacent to city centres, Bliska Wola Tower in the vicinity of Wola in Warsaw, Hanza Tower in Szczecin and Osiedle Horizon in Gdańsk. In May this year we will start pre-sales of units in Osiedle Kościuszki in Chorzów, also in the very centre, which will include 256 flats with areas ranging from 26 sqm to 83 sqm.

On the outskirts of the city we are present with an offer of houses. The Villa Campina estate is located only a few kilometres from the border of Warsaw. It enjoys great interest, which has intensified due to the pandemic. Houses with a total area of 134 square metres with a garden of 350 to 500 square metres and a garage can be bought here for prices ranging from PLN 719,000 to PLN 807,000. The houses are made of prefabricated wooden modules with the use of a modern heating and ventilation system, thanks to which they are energy-efficient and cheaper in use than traditional houses. Clean air, due to the proximity of the Kampinos Forest, is an additional advantage of living in this luxurious suburban housing estate.

We are currently preparing another project in Szczecin, following the prestigious Hanza Tower investment. It will be an apartment complex by the Odra riverfront, a popular place for walks and relaxation for the inhabitants of Szczecin and tourists. Moreover, this year we are planning to return to Białołęka in Warsaw, where we have completed 18 projects in the last 25 years. Further investments will be made in Lewandów, Aluzyjna, Berensona and Modlińska streets.

Karolina Bronszewska, Marketing Manager Ronson Development

Our flagship project located in the suburbs is Nowe Warzymice, which is being built on the outskirts of Szczecin in Warzymice. Cozy, low-rise buildings and numerous green areas around the investment make it very popular among our clients. They also appreciate good communication with the city centre. It takes only 15 minutes to get to Plac Kościuszki by public transport, and the investment itself is located in close proximity to the railway station Gumieńce.

Greater interest in locations in the suburbs is due to lower prices in such places in relation to central locations in the cities. The effect of the pandemic is the return of clients to larger spaces, where it is easy to find space for remote work.

Clients are also more willing to choose investments far from the city centre, thanks to the hybrid remote work that has become part of our lives for good. Great examples of such projects are Ursus Centralny and Miasto Moje in Warsaw’s Białołęka district, which are sales “locomotives” in our portfolio.

There is also a visible shift towards ecology. We are planning to respond to this. In the second half of the year, we will launch a new project – ecological houses in Falenty near Warsaw. Compact floor areas, own garden, a range of ecological solutions such as recuperation, the possibility of installing photovoltaic panels and electric car charging stations, full rainwater management on one’s own land and greenery, and at the same time proximity to the city – this is our nod to the needs of our customers, progressing climate change and social responsibility. The advantage of the investment will be compact size from 69-128 sqm, which will allow to buy a house for the price close to the value of a two-room flat in a good, central location of Warsaw.

Michał Witkowski, Sales Director Lokum Deweloper S.A.

Flats in districts located outside the city centre have always been popular among buyers. Currently, we are seeing a steadily growing number of enquiries for the Lokum Verde investment in Wrocław, which had its debut in autumn 2020, just before the second wave of the pandemic. The lockdown effect and buyers’ search for larger flats, with space for work, a large balcony or garden was already working when sales began, so since then the increase in interest has been systematic and stable, without sudden jumps.

Customers choosing investments in the outer districts of the city most often purchase flats for their own use, but we also meet investors who decide to buy an apartment located further from the centre. A characteristic feature of recent months is the interest in the Lokum Monte housing estate in Sobótka near Wrocław, an investment which makes it possible to live and work in a unique location. It is a particularly attractive solution for people who partially or fully work remotely.

Price differences between the city centre and the outskirts depend on the type of flat. If we compare Lokum Porto in the Old Town and Lokum Verde in Zakrzów in Wrocław, one-room flats in Zakrzów are cheaper by about 5-7 percent, while three-room flats of 58-62 sq. m are cheaper by about 20-25 percent. The differences between Lokum Porto and Lokum Monte in Sobótka are similar.

In the case of projects located further away from the centre, in the nearest future we are planning to focus on the realisation of successive stages of the Lokum Verde and Lokum Monte estates which are already on offer.

This year we are also preparing to launch Lokum la Vida, a new investment in Wrocław at Herbsta Street in Sołtysowice. We will also expand our offer by adding further stages of the currently running Lokum Porto project in Wrocław and Lokum Siesta, Lokum Vista and Lokum Salsa in Kraków.

Edyta Kołodziej, Sales and Marketing Director at Nickel Development

When comparing flats in our investments located in suburban housing estates with those within the city limits, one should first of all take into account the fact that they differ in character. You cannot compare them directly, because apart from the location itself, there are also other parameters involved that influence the price of the real estate, starting from the design, and ending with the arrangement of the plot in the area.

Currently we offer flats in a 15-storey high-rise building on a well-communicated estate in Poznan’s Piątkowo district. The building is perfectly positioned on the plot, which means that the view from the windows stretches from every side. The average price per square metre of a flat in ST_ART Piątkowo is around 8000 PLN. By comparison, in the suburban location of Osiedle Księżnej Dąbrówki customers paid an average of 6500 PLN per square metre, and it was the last of the flats on offer that found buyers.

Low, cosy multi-family houses are being built there, without garage halls, but with gardens belonging to ground-floor flats. This brief description already shows how many differences there are between the two projects, so a comparison will not yield far-reaching conclusions.

As far as Dąbrówka is concerned, we really want to continue with the development of the estate and we are already finalising the conceptual and design work for the next stage. We hope that still this year the flats will go on sale.

Joanna Chojecka, sales and marketing director for Warsaw and Wrocław at Robyg SA.

We have been noticing a greater interest in housing estates located close to greenery, in quiet surroundings, such as Robyg Mój Ursus or Życzliwa Prawa in the nearby Tarchomin in Warsaw. However, a very important aspect is excellent and fast communication with the centre and other districts of the city. That is why clients are more willing to choose investments on the outskirts of cities, but not in typical suburbs, where access is not so convenient. We are still looking for locations that meet the most important criteria of our customers. We offer estates with lots of greenery, ensuring peace and security, spaces for children, sports and recreation. Balconies, terraces or gardens, which we offer in each estate, are also very important.

Agata Zambrzycka, Sales and Marketing Director at Aria Development

We are carrying out two investments on the outskirts of Warsaw. In both of them sales are above our expectations. There are only few units left in the offer of Osiedle Łomianki. It is an intimate housing estate located near the Kampinos National Park, half an hour to the centre of Warsaw, 15 minutes to the Młociny metro station.

A few months ago we started the construction of the New Nature Estate in Wieliszew. We started selling flats in the second stage of this investment. Nowe Osiedle Natura is a project being erected near Zalew Zegrzyński, not far from the borders of Warsaw. As part of the three-stage, overflowing with green investment, we are constructing six four-storey buildings with lifts, underground garages and Aria Eco Smart solutions. The prices in both investments are several dozen per cent lower than the average price per square metre on the new flats market in Warsaw.

We are preparing to develop a large housing estate on the outskirts of Warsaw in a beautiful, green area with excellent access to the capital. We want it to be a self-sufficient and ecological town with a school, shops, office space and services.

Mariola Żak, Sales and Marketing Director of Aurec Home

What kind of flats customers buy depends on their lifestyle and work. Living in the suburbs has its advantages, peace, quiet and green surroundings. However, it requires proper time organisation in connection with commuting to work and school. We should remember that pandemonium and remote working will not last forever. That is why our investments combine the advantages of the city centre and suburbs. Our Miasteczko Jutrzenki estate is being built in the surroundings of single-family houses in Warsaw’s Włochy. On the one hand, the estate creates an urban character of the area, and on the other, it provides residents with privacy and tranquility. Our next project is Fabrica Ursus, which will be integrated into the legendary buildings of the former mechanical plant. Both projects are located outside the city centre, but are very well connected to other districts of the city. Both in Włochy and Ursus, we will ensure that the residents have everything at their fingertips, i.e. kindergartens, shops and services.

Janusz Miller, director of sales and marketing at Home Invest

We focus our activity mainly on the area of Warsaw. Our projects are usually located in very good locations in the capital. In April this year we started the presale of flats in the new project Nadwiślańska Kaskada in Białołęka in Warsaw. This will be the farthest from the centre housing estate from the residential projects we have implemented so far. Flats in this location are much cheaper than those constructed closer to the centre of Warsaw. In addition, customers can look forward to special offers and discounts during pre-sales. Prices of flats in the Nadwiślańska Kaskada investment start from PLN 7552 per square metre.

Tomasz Czubak, Development Projects Director at Jakon

We implement projects in various locations, also in the suburbs. The interest in our investments has remained at a similar level for years. It does not matter whether it is a city centre or its outskirts. Recently, we have noticed increased activity of developers in peripheral locations, which is often caused by the availability of land. Thanks to this, prices of flats may be lower by several per cent in comparison to central locations. An example of such an investment carried out by us is the Nowe Tarnowo estate in Tarnowo Podgórne, where flats are very popular among customers.

Sebastian Barandziak, CEO of Dekpol Deweloper

We can definitely see great interest in the purchase of apartments located on the outskirts of cities or in the suburbs. An attractive location for potential clients means, above all, space, lots of greenery, but also convenient access to transport, shops, schools, etc. And all this is offered by the suburbs. The price difference between a property purchased in the city centre and one on its outskirts is significant. We estimate that it reaches about 40 percent, depending on the type of investment, of course.

Currently, we are planning several more projects on Sobieszewska Island, located on the outskirts of Gdańsk, where our three other investments are also being developed. One of them is Sol Marina, the first stage of which is almost finished, but there are of course plans for further phases of the estate. We are also building Lazur Park and Villa Neptun in this location. We are preparing both residential and rental (investment) projects. A new investment launched this year is the Neo Jasień housing estate located in Potęgowska Street in Gdańsk, and the Kociewskie housing estate in Rokitki, a suburb of Tczew.


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