Kalisz: properties with green roofs free of tax?

Kalisz and the local law

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Kalisz has come up with an idea that will allow the residents who have green roofs or elevations to be exempted from property tax. The new local law is to take effect from 1 January 2022, and according to the city authorities, it will encourage residents to turn their facades and roofs green.

As the city mayor, Krystian Kinastowski, explains, the property tax exemption will be available to those residents who have planted perennial plants on their roofs, have at least one wall in the building overgrown with vines with their roots in the ground, or have created an installation with a vertical garden. Such green investments are to contribute to the improvement of air quality in the city and will thus enhance the comfort of living in Kalisz. According to the Mayor, green facades not only act as natural filters of pollution but also regulate the temperature inside the buildings, muffle the noise and reduce excess humidity. Additionally, buildings covered with greenery improve the aesthetics of the city.

The new local law, which will enter into force on 1 January 2022, will only apply to residential buildings where no commercial activity is carried out. In addition, to benefit from the tax exemption, residents must not have any tax arrears or other public debts. The conditions for obtaining the exemption also apply to the lack of arrears of perpetual usufruct fees.

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