KARMAR will build the Perspective estate in Wroclaw

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KARMAR, a construction company from the Bouygues Construction group, will build the Perspective estate – Wille Miejskie in Kowale district in Wroclaw. The developer is Bouygues Immobilier Poland. Construction will start this year.

The developer Bouygues Immobilier Poland is carrying out preparatory work in Wroclaw for the construction of a new housing estate called Perspective – Wille Miejskie. At Kwidzynska St.  in Kowale district, proper construction works will begin soon. Their contractor will be the company KARMAR established in 1991 – We chose a proven partner. In Wroclaw, we cooperated with this extremely experienced company in the implementation of Jagiello 6 in Kepa Mieszczanska – informs Cezary Grabowski, sales and marketing director of Bouygues Immobilier Polska.

KARMAR builds flats, office buildings, public utility buildings, industrial and infrastructure facilities throughout Poland. The following can be distinguished from over 100 projects: the City of Marina in Wroclaw, Miasteczko Orange in Warsaw, Torun Plaza and the Gdansk Science and Technology Park. For over a decade, the company has been part of the international group Bouygues Construction.

In Kowale, Bouygues Immobilier Poland commissions KARMAR to build a housing estate consisting of intimate 2-storey multi-family buildings in the style of city villas. In the investment at Kwidzynska St., there will be 13 such buildings with 169 apartments. They all have balconies or gardens. Cozy multi-family villas will be built along a green alley that will run through the entire estate. Its focal point will be an old oak tree. The preserved tree will surround the square.

The planned completion date of the Perspective – Wille Miejskie estate is Q2 2022. Perspective – Wille Miejskie estate is Bouygues Immobilier Poland’s first investment in Kowale and the seventh in Wroclaw. The developer is currently implementing two investments in Nadodrze: a modern apartment building Centerville and Zajezdnia Wroclaw. Projects completed in Wroclaw include the Jagielly 6 complex in Kepa Mieszczanska and residential investments at the Wyspianski coast, at Piekna St. and next to the Grabiszynski Park. Bouygues Immobilier is also investing in Warsaw and Poznan. Since 2001, he has completed 45 investments in Poland, in which he has completed over 6,100 apartments.

Source: Bouygues Immobilier  Poland

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