KGHM is building the first photovoltaic power plant in the 4.0 technology in Poland

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KGHM ZANAM has started the construction of the first photovoltaic power plant in Poland based on 4.0 technology. A fully functional mini-power plant has already been erected near the construction site. The installation, consisting of several dozen photovoltaic panels, is already a charging point for the ZANPER, a transport vehicle with an electric drive.


The KGHM ZANAM photovoltaic power plant will operate on the basis of technology 4.0., which means a fully computerized and automated facility, equipped with a virtual control room and built in accordance with the directions of development of photovoltaic energy recommended by the International Energy Agency.

The high-resolution monitoring system enables health diagnostics and remote fault finding 24/7. Advanced analytical algorithms based on the processing of huge data sets, machine learning and artificial intelligence methods will be used to monitor the state of photovoltaic panels and inverters.

– The construction of a photovoltaic power plant is a big step for us towards energy self-sufficiency with the use of renewable energy sources. This is an important element of the low-emission energy economy policy of KGHM and a benefit for the local community – said Bernard Cichocki, President of KGHM ZANAM.

The construction of the power plant will be completed in 2020, and the annual level of produced energy will be around 3 GWh.


In line with the strategy of the KGHM Group, by 2030, as much as half of the energy demand of KGHM Group will be covered from its own sources, including RES. In addition to the investment of KGHM ZANAM, KGHM runs two more photovoltaic projects: at the Hydrotechnical Plant Branch and at Huta Miedzi Glogow.


  • The building area of ​​the power plant – 39 535 m2
  • The power plant will be equipped with 9,534 pieces of photovoltaic panels, the area of ​​the panels is 2.2 times the area of ​​a full-size football field, and the total length of the panels arranged in a row is over 15 km.
  • The total length of the cables used in the power plant is 142 km, and the weight of copper in the cables is 4.3 tons.
  • The target capacity of the plant – 3.146 MWp.
  • Annual energy production – about 3 GWh.

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